How to Make Blessing Oils

Anointment oils are used in blessing candles, amulets, charms and more. It is easy to prepare your oils and have them ready for your needs.

The base of anointment oils is of course oil. The best oil to use is jojoba oil, but it is really more like a liquid wax. Jojoba oil is made from jojoba beans and allows the natural properties of the herbs you use to really come through.

I started out using canola oil that you can buy at your supermarket. In a pinch, you can also use vegetable oil etc. In a serious pinch, use some baby oil if available.

Basically you want to steep your herbs in the oil. Add essential oils if you choose to do so, but be sure to have some whole herbs in the mixture. For immediate use, you can warm the oil using the flame of a candle, but remember that as it cools, it tends to harden. But in a harden state, this can be use as a rub sort of like petroleum jelly (add some jelly to it to make it easier to work with).

If you wanted to create a protection or purification oil, you can steep some peppermint leaves and whole cloves for three days. I generally take a small piece of crystal that will fit into the container I plan to store my anointing oil in and put it in with the steeping mixture. This will allow the crystal to amplify the natural properties of the herbs. You will want to keep the oil covered during the steeping process. You can technically steep the oil in the container you plan to store it in.

The best time to make an oil is two days before a full moon and then on the day of the full moon, you can prepare it for storing and use. As the moon is waxing into the full moon phase your oils will build with magical potency. The peak of the full moon represents maximum energy available for spiritual work. You should focus spiritual energy into the mixture related to your purpose as you finish making the oil.

I suggest using a small container with a lid to store the oil. Remember how perfume samples comes in small tubes? This is a great way to store a small amount. It is best to use a small tinted glass vial with a screw cap. Place the crystal from your steeped oil in first. Then take a few of the leaves and such from your oil and place them into the vial. You can then fill the vial with some of the oil.

Clearly label the purpose of the oil on the vial. You can use blank address labels like those found in sheets for computers. This will help keep additional light from souring your oil. Store the vial in a cool dark place such as a box or drawer to keep light and heat exposure to a minimum.

I store oil for around 90 days then I prepare some more. You can put a few drops of the old oil and the crystal you used in your new mixture to add extra potency to it. As you replenish your stock, the oils created will become more powerful as time goes on because each batch is building power from all previous batches. I do not recommend using the herbs from an older batch in the new oils created.

You can make oils with various herbs. I highly recommend working with it as you go, adding and taking away various other herbs that have related properties to your purpose. For instance, you can add cinnamon to increase psychic vibrations of the clover and peppermint. Plus this can create a new aroma that may increase your awareness when using it.

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