Olivine is a money and a love-attracting stone.


Folk Names: Chrysolite, Chrysolithus, Lumahai (Hawaiian)

Energy: Receptive

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Associated Metals: Gold, Lodestone

Powers: Money, Protection, Love, Luck

Magical/Ritual Lore: Olivine is a green, translucent stone. It is volcanic in origin and is found throughout the world. It was recently found in meteorites.

Magical Uses: Olivine is a money-drawing stone. Ring green candles with the stone or wear to bring money into your life.

Olivine sand can be purchased in gift shops in Hawaii. If you happen to obtain some, add a pinch to money sachets or place some in your pocket while visualizing. Those involved in the business world can put a small amount of olivine in their desks or in the cash registers. Or, put your business card on a green plate and completely cover it with olivine sand.

Olivine has been used for protection since it is of volcanic origin. It deflects negativity directed toward its owner, and so it is often used as an amulet. Small faceted olivine stones set into gold rings are ideal protective charms.

The stone is also set in gold and worn for protection against thieves, as well as to create a positive outlook on life.

Olivine is also a love-attracting stone.

And finally, like all green stones, it is carried or used in spells designed to bring luck.

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