The Magical Power of Witches’ Mirror

The ability of mirrors to reveal secrets has been known since antiquity as a form of divination practiced by the ancient magicians of Egypt, Arab, Persia, Greek and Roman. Due to its ability to duplicate reality, mirrors have always been a means of accessing the supernatural.

The ancient witches of Thessaly wrote their oracles in mirrors with human blood. It is said that they taught Pythagoras to predict the future by holding a mirror in the direction of the Moon. Objects used as mirrors were silver, glass, porcelain or ceramic bowls without a flat surface, precious stones, water in bowl, polished nails, etc.

Types of Magic Mirrors

In ancient Europe, different mirrors were used in accordance to certain dates or lunar phases. The magic mirror reflects the divine spirit according to the “myth of the cave” of Plato. The following are some mirrors that were used.


The Mirror of the Moon

This is a silver mirror used to interpret and make dreams come true. It was consulted on Mondays. While using the mirror of the moon, the moon must be reflected on the magical mirror just as it appears in the sky. This mirror is said to be a carrier of cryptic messages.

The Mirror of the Sun – was made of gold and used by the seers only on Sundays to reveal information about the figures of authority and power.

Mirror of Venus – was made of copper. The seers used it on Fridays to consult about love.

The Mirror of Mercury– was actually a glass globe with mercury like liquid metal. It was used on Wednesdays to perform money and job rituals.

The Mirror of Saturn – was made of Lead, used to reveal secrets and find lost items. Rituals with this mirror were performed on Saturdays.

The mirror of Mars – was made of iron and was used on Tuesdays to receive esoteric guidance and resolve disputes and lawsuits.

Examples of Some Ancient Superstitions on Mirrors

The Mirror Funeral Ritual:

After the death of an individual the Jews cover all the mirrors in a house during the seven days mourning period. The mirrors are covered because it is believed that the spirit of the deceased can be trapped in one of the mirrors. Also, do not take mirrors to the cemetery, or to places where tragic deaths occurred because what you would see in the mirror can scare the life out of you.

In Serbo-Croatian culture, sometimes a mirror is buried with the dead to prevent the spirit from wandering and protect it from evil spirits.

The Mirror and the spirits:

The mirror is a portal that connects humans to the spiritual realm. There is a myth that if a certain number of candles are lit in front of a mirror, at a certain time of the night, it is possible to communicate with dead beings. Also, if you stood naked in front of a mirror after midnight with candles surrounding you, you would see images of your death.

If you looked into the mirror while in a dark room, you would see your reflection and also that of the entities that live in your home. Once you become aware of their existence they also become aware of your presence, and there are many possibilities that these entities aren’t friendly and might try to harm you.

In other cultures, it is believed that mirrors should be covered at night while people sleep, to make sure that the soul of the dreamer is not trapped in one of them.

The Spell of the Broken Mirror:

According to a myth, whenever you break a magical  mirror, seven years of misfortune will come  upon you but if the mirror breaks on its own it is a sign of an imminent death of  a family member.  However, there are several counter spells to perform to prevent these misfortunes.

If you broke a mirror, you should bury the fragments of the broken mirror underground or throw the fragments into a stream of water, flowing to the south. Carry this out as soon as the mishap occurs then nothing bad will happen to you.

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