The Sex Ritual Ceremony in Luciferianism

In Luciferianism, there are different types of ceremonies that are being celebrated one of such is the Sex ritual. This ritual is mostly done on the appearance of full moon. On the sex ritual night, Satanists from different covens are expected to gather at their headquarters for the celebration. They sing, drink, conjure, dance, offer human and animal sacrifices and involve in sex. According to Angel Fire, a Satanist, he said “We gather to celebrate the liberation, power, rebellion and a new global satanic alliance”. He added by saying:


“We often use small drums like bongos to get the group into a rhythm. The rhythm and dance build the energy of the soul.”

Below is a snippet of how the Satanist sex ritual ceremony is performed.


  • An altar,
  • A baphomet seal (pentagram with inverted star),
  • A chalice (metal cup of any color except golden),
  • A pair of candles (one black and one white) .
  • A bell
  • Elixir for the chalice (it can be any pleasant liquid ).


The altar is decorated by the priest who places the black candle on the left and the white on the right. The parchment with the requests is placed on the left while the curses are placed on the right. Thereafter, the candles are lit and the air of the surrounding is purified by ringing the bell to sound clockwise.

While facing the different cardinal points the priest summons the corresponding demons to join in the ceremony. When they appear the congregation worship the demons. While making a request to the dark forces, you have to concentrate on feeling and talking to the dark forces. While concentrating on your sexual energy ensure to be honest about your desires and whatever you ask from the devil is what you would get. This ritual can be done for destruction, prayer or lust purposes. You are free to mention whatever you want and once the ceremony is over the audience can shout “Hail Satan!!!

In Satanism, the use of sexual energy in rituals enhances the results of ritual. For this reason, prostitutes are trained and paid to attend the Satanist sex ritual ceremony in order to satisfy the sexual desires of the worshippers. There have been reports on sex abuse as some of the prostitutes were trafficked individuals who were forced to partake in the ceremony against their will. During this ceremony,  sacrifices are made based on the needs of the demons being worshipped. Also, this ceremony is a time to discuss and plan on different issues. The sound of the ritual bell marks the end of the ceremony.

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