The Witches Magical Tools

In Wicca, there are different tools used in carrying out the rituals. Each of these tools has different associations and uses. These tools work magic by directing psychic energy to perform a certain action. Also, they can be used to honor deities. Wicca tools are used only by the owner (or a coven) to ensure that they only carry their owner’s spiritual vibrations.

All tools are expected to be consecrated before use. The Gardnerian Book of shadow would guide you on how to consecrate the tools.


Classification Of Witches’ Tools

Primary tools: These tools represent the four elements of the earth. They include; the paten, athame, wand, and chalice.

Other tools include: Mortal, pestle, broom, bell, box, cauldron,etc.


The chalice is a sacred bowl used for certain sacramental products preparation. It can be ceramic, wooden or made of mineral. It is common to find it in metal or glass (crystal).

This ritual cup is used to prepare drinks dedicated to deities. Also any sacred mystical remedy is poured into the chalice for consecration before it is handed to the client.

Video  The Chalice

The Pentacle or Paten:

This is an altar consecration tool with a sigil or magical symbol inscribed upon it. A common symbol is a pentagram within a circle. This disc symbolizes the element of earth. It is used to bless items and magically energize all that is placed upon it.

The athame:             

The athame is the witches sword often used in rituals and spells. The sword itself is fire and is attributed to Geburah. It shouldn’t be confused with the dagger in the Golden Dawn. Generally, the athame has a black handle and a double-edged blade. This sword is used to direct energy.

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The wand is symbolic as the element of Air. It can be made from any material including wood, metal and rock.  In the Book of Shadows, Gerald Gardner stated that the wand is used to summon certain spirits that the swords couldn’t be used for.

Video on the wand


The broom is a powerful tool used by witches to fight against evil spells. When placed across the threshold, it can stop all the spells thrown to the house or its inhabitants. When placed under the pillow, it brings good dreams but its main function is to hunt all the negative waves.

Bell :

This is used to announce the beginning and the end of each ritual. It is also used to invoke deities. It can be made of copper, brass, or crystal.

The bell triggers vibrations with powerful effects and can be used to: hijack evil spells and evil spirits, to stop storms or to evoke positive energies.


This is necessary to store all the ingredients and materials used for the practice of magic. You can put a lock on it so no one can touch and contaminate your powder, herbs, instruments, stones and crystals.

The cauldron

It is the symbol of fire. This little black iron cauldron represents the womb of the mother goddess and is used to boil herbs, simmer potions, and so on. In the olden days, some witches filled their cauldron with spring water, and used it to read the future.

Video – The Cauldron


It plays an important role in white magic. Mirrors are very powerful tools of magic, divination and clairvoyance; they can be used to see the past, present and the future and to invoke the protection of the guardian angels.It should be covered with a black velvet fabric when not in use.

Crystal ball

The quartz crystal ball is a very old magical instrument. It can be very expensive depending on its size.

Crystal balls are used for divination. The seer dives into the crystal ball until his supersensitive faculties unfold the images perceived in thought or projected in the thickness of the crystal thus revealing the information requested.

Mortar and pestle

The mortar and pestle are instruments used for grinding plants, seeds, incense and other necessary ingredients.

The Grimoire

This is the witch’s diary, where the incantations are written. It also contains the details of the rituals. Formerly, the grimoire was passed from mother to daughter, and when there was no descendant, it was burnt to preserve the secret.

Video The Book of Shadows

The Altar

The altar is a table or piece of furniture large enough to hold all the main tools and secondary tools. On the left side, a chalice, candle and statue representing the goddess is placed.

The right side is consecrated to God and an athame, candle and statue representing God is placed there. The Wiccan altar is a quadruple representation of the universe.

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