6 Aphrodisiac Infusions to Awaken Sexual Passion

Do you have a partner who seems to have lost the passion for sex? Sometimes, it could be as a result of stress, trauma or the presence of a disease condition. It could also be that you are the one experiencing low libido and your partner has started complaining about it.

Well, there is no better recipe to awaken sexual desire than a rich aphrodisiac drink. Below are some simple but magical recipes that would strengthen and revive your sexual energy.

1. Orange peels

Boil the peels of two oranges and a lemon for twenty minutes then add three tablespoon of hops and let it boil for three minutes. Turn off the heat and mix the liquid with a little honey. Cover it and let it cool at room temperature. It is recommended that you take this drink with your partner three or four times a day.

2. Ginger with cranberry

It is a natural aphrodisiac that stimulates the sexual appetite, thereby making the individual to desire intimacy. Boil two tablespoons of grated ginger in a liter of water for two minutes, then add three tablespoons of honey and a cup of dehydrated blueberries. It allows the water to acquire the ambient temperature suitable for consumption. You can take it hot or cold.

3. Damiana for pleasure

This plant is a great aphrodisiac that stimulates the genital area. This infusion will help you to maintain a long-lasting sexual  life and relationship. Boil water, then serve in a cup and add a teaspoon of this herb. We recommend drinking up to three cups a day. Be careful not to overdo it by taking more than indicated, as you may have gastrointestinal problems.

4. Mint for sexual desire

This herb has various medicinal properties, among them is the possibility of relieving stomach discomfort. In addition, it is said that the aroma of crushed mint leaves awakens sexual desire. We recommend you to drink it in infusion so that you experience a great stimulation of your libido. Add two tablespoons of mint to a boiling water, then after some minutes, bring it down and allow the infusion to cool. Drink it when it is at room temperature. If you wish, you can rub mint essential oil on your skin or put some leaves in the bathtub and you will experience a strong sexual stimulation.

5. Infusion of sunflower

Sunflower is a plant rich in Vitamin E that produces a stimulating effect on the body, thus increasing sexual appetite. To enjoy its benefits and aphrodisiac effects, we recommend preparing an infusion with a handful of dried petals of the sunflower. You just have to heat some quantity of water, place the dried petals and keep the water for 15 minutes.

Drink a cup of this infusion at night or before having sex and you will see the results. Take care of the amount you eat so you do not have gastric problems.

6. Asparagus:

Known for its large Vitamin E content which boosts the flow of blood and oxygen in the male genital area. It also contains potassium, which is very useful for producing sex hormones.

 How do Aphrodisiacs Work? 

These Aphrodisiac herbs have the ability to excite sexual pleasure by increasing the blood flow to the genitals and by toning and tightening the muscles of the genitals. It also promotes the secretion of general bodily fluids that add spice to the bedroom moments.

Also, there are some people whose low libido is as a result of stress, anxiety and fatigue. These herbs can also relieve stress and make the individual feel fresh and lively. When a person is in a happy state of mind then his/her desire for sex will be increased.

These infusions serve as alternatives to Viagra. After the intake of any of these infusions, we recommend that you wait for about 15 minutes to see its manifestation before starting a sexual encounter.






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