How to Interpret Some Common Dreams

How to Protect Yourself From Nightmare Experiences

The world of dreams is a very mysterious place that leaves a person in a confused state especially if the interpretation of the dream is unknown. The people or situations you often dream about could be something more than a deep and unsatisfied desire, just as no dream represents the same thing.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung are both great theorists of dreams. According to Freud, emotions buried in the subconscious surface rise to the conscious surface during dreams, and remembering fragments of dreams can help uncover emotions and buried memories.

After investigations, Jung indicated that dreams reveal deep meanings. It can be influenced by personal experiences, desires, culture, religions and history. Below, we shall look at some common interpretation of some dreams.

Dreaming of an ex

Dreaming of an ex-husband, ex-partner, ex-boyfriend means that you miss the individual. 

Flying in the dream

It represents the need for freedom.

Dreaming about sex

When you have been sexually starved for a long time, then you might start dreaming of sex. 

You cannot move, talk / scream

This nightmare indicates that you feel stuck in real life, and cant really express your true emotions and desires. In such case, you must find a way to convey your feelings to others and try to change the things you do not feel satisfied with.

Dreaming of water

It represents the mood of the person, so depending on how you see the water in your dream, it will mean one thing or another.

Dreaming of flood

Represents emotional issues, tensions, and disappointments. It occurs as a result of an overflow of the inner emotions. If it is your house that is being flooded, it means family fights, couple crisis, etc…..

Dreaming of a tsunami

It means that you are reaching the limit of your physical forces and you feel that you are going to fall apart. It is a loss of control over your limits and strengths.

Dreams of getting hurt:

If you were injured or lose a part of your body in the dream then you must ask yourselves if there is a part of your life that you have neglected, mistreated or forgotten. It could be an emotional part of you that is in need of healing.

Dreaming of the end of the world or the Apocalypse

It means that you have reached the end of a stage of your life and are looking for new goals.

Dreaming of being attacked

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It means that you are stressed, vulnerable and need help. It could be that you are faced with a moment of change and uncertainty.

Dreaming of a snake

This could mean a sign of betrayal by a friend, being beaten by an enemy or a sign of a sexual problem … There are many meanings depending on the situation.

Dreaming of death

If it is your own death, it means that you are in a phase of transition in your life. It could also mean that you are becoming more of a spiritual person. Those who dream of death could be desperately trying to escape the demands of life.

Finding a Hidden Room

This could be a sign of personal growth in a particular area of your life. As your outlook in life changes, it gives room to open doors and new experiences. Always feel free to embrace these changes and explore the opportunities that lie beyond those doors.

Dreaming about traveling:

It means that you need to break out and become independent.

Dreaming of a wedding

For married people to see their spouse marrying again then this could be an announcement of a definitive separation. If you are single and you dream that you get married, it can mean bad luck. It means that you really want to get married, but you will not have much luck in love.

Dreaming of darkness

Experiencing darkness in your dreams could be a sign of ignorance, evil, death, insecurity and fear of the unknown.

Seeing celebrities in your dreams:

That could be a sign that positive changes would happen in your life. It could also mean that you would achieve an important personal goal.

Driving a car out of control

It means that your life is too chaotic and out of control. You should try to find ways to slow down, find tranquility and enjoy peace of mind. The ideal conclusion of this nightmare is to drive well and within the speed limits. Or get out of the car and start walking quietly.

If you wish to promote good dreams and enjoy a relaxed mind then there are some rituals that you could perform. Examples include:

  • You can sprinkle some dream sachet powder on your night wears before going to bed.
  • To prevent nightmares, place some calendula flowers under your bed.
  • Anoint a 7-day plain orange candle with a dream oil then light up the candle in your bedroom for an hour before you sleep.
  • Good Music is another important tool that can bring you sweet dreams and help you to clear off negativity from your head.
  • Oils like Sandalwood Oil, Clary Sage oil, Lavender Oil, and Patchouli Oil can be used to treat insomnia and provide your body with some relaxing effects.



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