Commanding Voodoo Doll Spell

voodoo doll spell

Updated: April 5th, 2021

It is a simple voodoo doll/poppet style spell, that doesn’t involve poppet activation. Therefore it is more of a witchcraft style spell, than a voodoo/hoodoo style poppet spell. This commanding spell is to be done over 3 nights. I recommend you do this spell when the moon is WAXING – meaning, when the moon is growing in size.


  1. Make a voodoo doll to represent the target
  2. Write your beloved’s name on a piece of paper.
  3. Attach it like a name-tag to the voodoo doll.
  4. Anoint the doll with Commanding Oil and/or Compelling Oil.
  5. Lay it on a piece of silk or satin (perhaps RED).
  6. Sprinkle it with Come to Me Powder.
  7. Chant these words – 3 TIMES

I command you, I compel you,
I command you, I compel you.
I’ve covered you with powder
I command you, I compel you,
I command you, I compel you
Hear my voice!
I command you, I compel you:
Return to me now!
This very instant, this very minute, this very hour!

When you have finished the chant….
Following the third repetition of the entire ritual, wrap the doll in silk, and hide it in a dark
closet or secret space. As you are doing this spell over 3 nights, you hide the voodoo doll each night after the spellcasting, and bring it out each night to re-do the spell.

When the spell is complete….

This is a personal preference as to what to do with the voodoo doll when you have completely finished the spell. Some people will keep the doll wrapped up in the red silk cloth, and hidden away until the spell comes true.

If the spell has not worked, you may wish to repeat the spell at the same time of the month, on the next month.

If the spell did work, you may wish to burn the voodoo doll to release the spell to the heavens above. Alternatively, you could have a spell place on your property, or in the woods where you can leave your spell work. Many people enjoy success when they allow the elements and the spirits of the outside world, “look after” their work.

If you do this spell, please share a picture or write to me about the results.

Blessed be,

Lady Hannah

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