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free witchcraft books

So many of our clients and our readers would love to have a free resource to determine if they actually want to study witchcraft, or even a free resource to find that perfect spell or Ritual. Not everyone has the budget to grab all of the tools and resources they need, so we are creating a list of FREE resources.

If you have a free resource, feel free to add it to the comments below and we will update this list with everybody’s suggestions.


The Mystical World Of Ancient Witchcraft

The Complete Uncut Book of Shadows

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Ravenbok: The Raven Kindred Ritual Book  – An introduction to Icelandic neo-Paganism.

An Investigator’s Guide to Allegations Of Ritual Child Abuse written by an FBI agent, this report debunks a contemporary witch hunt.

The Book of the Goddess by Anna Livia Plurabelle [2002]


Basic Spell Construction
Tool Blessing Ritual

Psychic Attack

Models of Magick

Planetary Hours (Andrew Kettle)

Wicca vs. Paganism (David Piper)

The Church of All Worlds, a Brief History
Neo-Paganism: An Old Religion for a New Age (Otter G’Zell)
Neo-Pagan Witchcraft vs. Satanism

Chants w/ASCII Notation (L.A.Hussey)
Lilith (BBS Conversation)

Magickal Stones & Gems
Modern Pagaism, Q&A
A Booklist of Pagan/Magickal Titles

Opening the Circle
Circle Casting (Avaloian)
Coven Leadership
Blood Sacrifice (Althea Whitebirch)

The Laws by J. Random Folksinger
How to power a magic spell by Black Cat
What is Magick by David Rankine
Ethics and Etiquette by Morgaine
Becoming a Witch by Morgaine
Self Dedication Explained by David Rankine and Sorita
A Self Dedication Ritual by David Rankine and Sorita
How to find a Coven or Group by David Rankine and Sorita
Book of the Whole
Physics and the Basic Principle of Visualization Magick
Birthing Ritual Chant


Pre-Islamic Paganism
History Of Wicca In England
Witch Hunt
The Runes


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