Fifty Witches’ Tricks You Need to Know

Witches are known for carrying out magic. Although, some of these magic bring positive returns while others are used to execute evil intentions. Are you a witch? Do you want to know some quick and easy tricks witches use? If yes, then read carefully till the end of this article.


Examples of Witches’ Tricks

1.) Burn dried nettle in a room, it will purify it and keep negative influences away.

2.) Having a small copper coin in your wallet will help you get more money into it.

3.) Burying a bottle full of pins and thorns near the entrance of the house, will keep away the negative energies and bad thoughts about you.

4.) Put malachite under the pillow, it will help you remember your dreams.

5.) Cut an apple in half and eat it with your love. It will help to maintain intense and prolonged love.

6.) Bury the seed of an apricot in front of the entrance of your house; it will help bring a new love.

7.) Drinking an infusion of jasmine and cinnamon before divination helps the process.

8.) Some almonds in your pocket will help you find what you’ve lost.

9.) Put an amethyst in the liquor you are drinking, it will prevent you from getting drunk. (If you abuse it, obviously, it wont work).

10). A few drops of sweet orange essential oil on the pillow will help you have a peaceful sleep.

11) While licking an orange, ask an orange a question that has an affirmative or negative answer. If the seeds in your mouth are even, the answer will be no, if the seeds are odd, it will be yes.

12) A rock crystal in the kitchen near the food will make it taste better.

13) Spraying a candle with basil oil will help you to fight against negativity.

14). When you have to face an audience, a little alder wood in your pocket will help and give you courage in public speaking.

15)Take a chalcedony in the suitcase; it will help you in the trips.

16) St. John’s wort oil and lavender essential oil are excellent for the skin after a kitchen burn.

17). Red jasper near the bed of a sick person, accelerates the healing process.

18). Thyme oil smeared on closed eyelids will allow you to see the fairies.

19). Cutting a piece of poplar bark while you are located to the east will help you gain magical knowledge.

20). A pink candle lit all night in your window (be careful not to burn anything) will increase your will power.

21) Light a white candle, if the right side burns faster than the left you will have good luck; otherwise it gives a negative image of the situation.

22) Eating blueberries helps to overcome small depressions and nervous breakdowns.

23) To take a bath of purification and protection, use a sprig of parsley in the water.

24) The coarse salt thrown in the corners of the room will protect the house.

25) Take an apple that still has the stem. Ask a question and holding it in your left hand, turn the stem to the right. At each turn say yes and no. The word you say when it stops is your answer.

26) An infusion of eye-bright in the middle of the eyelids, leads to clairvoyance.

27) A verbena necklace worn around the neck will make you have many more friends than you have now.

28) Leave small offerings of honey and milk under the oaks, the spirits of nature will reward you for the gift.

29) A compact of sagebrush, cinnamon and sandalwood next to your bed, will promote an astral projection.

30) If you make a wish while sprinkling sage and copal, it will come true.

31) Few slices of cucumber over the eyes help to get rid of bags and dark circles.

32) A gardenia seedling in the middle of a sick person’s room will help in the healing process.

33) Take an acorn and make a small hole in the top, wear it like a necklace. It will give you protection.

34) Nutmeg with star anise in the middle of a green candle will bring money and good business.

35) Ringing a bell keep your home protected and repel negativity.

36) Make a wish while holding a handful of rice in your hand. Pull back on your back in the sea (or in a lake, river)and you will be blessed.

37) Finding a red pen will bring you luck.

38) Drink a cup of tea with rose petals for a week; it will help you bring love to your life.

39) A yarrow plant next to the cash register of a business will favor new businesses and new clients.

40) Rub lavender flowers on the envelope of a letter, it will bring a little joy and open the heart of the recipient.

41) When you face a person you do not trust, have a tiger eye in your pocket. Your interlocutor will hardly lie to you.

42) If you put a bag of dill on the door of your house, people who do not love you will stay away from your home.

43) Walk on the fallen branches of maple to ensure a long life.

44) Eating radish stimulates sexual desire with your partner.

45) Small pieces of coral located near the windows and doors will keep the thieves away.

46) Eat a peach before making an important decision.

47) Always cook in a clockwise direction, negative influences will be prohibited.

48) Give a basket made of hazel to a bride to wish her a happy marriage.

49) Plant geraniums around your house and you will feel first who comes to your house.

50) Calendula flowers added to your bathroom make you beautiful and irresistible.

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