How do I practice black magic without encountering repercussions?

When you hear “black magic” what comes to your mind? Evil, revenge, blood, danger and death. Black magic is an act that uses occult and evil power to achieve its goal.


Practicing black magic comes with its own repercussions as sometimes the evil sent returns back to the sender. That is like digging your own grave unknowingly. The chances of getting wounded through this act are greater when the witch is not well trained.


However, by means of techniques, tips and essential precautions, it is quite possible to practice black magic without getting hurt.

Just like a pet takes over its master, black magic takes over the person who practices it as the individual gets conditioned to this act. Nevertheless, these negative effects can easily disappear.


What security measures should be taken?

Most people are fully informed about the risks that may result from this practice. So to overcome this problem, it is important to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages.


The following are precautions to take while practicing black magic.

  • Study the principles governing every black magic rituals.
  • Take into consideration all aspects related to the objective of the ritual.
  • Understand every spell first before practicing.
  • Ensure that you are ready to bear any possible consequences that may result from the rituals.
  • Limit yourself to your area of expertise.
  • Strictly respect the order of rituals.
  • Have a complete control of the environment in which the ritual takes place.
  • Be aware of the disadvantages and benefits of the magical practice undertaken.
  • Arrange items for protection throughout the practice.
  • Learning black magic rituals, their basic principles, and a complete mastery of the environment, promote the practice of black magic safely.


Rituals of Black Magic

Black magic is the main characteristics of occultism. Situated at the antipodes of the white magic, black magic invokes the cultic demons and power from the kingdom of darkness. Spells and Hexes are an integral part of the arsenal available to witches and wizards.


The rituals of revenge

Because of the tremendous power and diversity of her spells, the black magic of revenge facilitates the execution of all kinds of revenge. Her terrible spells are vectors of terrible and insidious affections intended to eradicate all enemies!

Being able to resort to all possible manipulations, this practice has no limit thereby Inflicting nuisance and torment to as many as possible.


Negative effects on love

If there is one facet of occultism whose existence or even scope is often not suspected, it is indeed its incidence in the field of love. Some of the rituals of black love magic are so powerful that they are able to obtain sexual and love favors from someone against his/her will. This aspect is not often suspected as the victim might think he/she is in real love.

Nothing is easier for a wizard or a witch than to promote infidelity. Many rituals are intended to sow discord within a couple, until separation.


The magic of money – it attracts prosperity quickly

It is by going back to antiquity that one realizes how much black magic of money was solicited to attract prosperity. Helping human greed, these occult rituals are always very popular when it comes to achieving success in the business world or to achieve substantial gains in gambling.

Unlike the white magic, you should know that the spells inherent to negative magic often offer an immediate result thus attracting the lustful onlookers.


The flip side:

However, the practice of this form of magic requires total control, otherwise the sorcerer or witch incurs the “return shock”. The principle of this effect is based on the fact that every good action results to reaction. Thus a bad act, or even a very negative action, will have repercussions for the author. This “backlash” in some way will be three times greater than the damage caused.

The punishments might occur during the author’s life time on earth or in one or more future lives. This being the case, it is necessary to relativize, because there is a ritual intended to protect oneself from the pernicious effects of the triple shock. Some mages deflect the “return shock” onto a demon, a third person, or an animal.




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