Eight Reasons Why you need a Magical Stone

Having a magic stone is not a foolish idea. It is like the blanket of your childhood that covers you through the night. It will accompany you everywhere, without flinching and constantly remind you of who you are. It will reassure you in moments of anxiety, strengthen you in the moments of sadness and warm your heart and hands.


Let’s assume that you are feeling stressed because of a test you have to write.  Take your magic stone in your hand and visualize your stress as a stream of negative energy. Imagine this current concentrating in a ball of light, at the level of the solar plexus.

The light radiates through your chest, but the stone seems to attract it like a magnet. This light runs gently along your body and leaves through your hand. Visualize your stone filled with this light and energy. Your stone becomes hot from absorbing your stress. Just wash your hands with cool water, wash your stone and breathe calmly then you will be fine.


There are billions of stones so which one should you choose? One day, while walking, your eyes will be attracted to a small stone. Not necessarily beautiful nor smooth. But you’ll like it right away.


What do you need stones for?

  1. Your stone can do magic. Do you have a headache? Pour a drop of mint essential oil on your stone and inhale it.
  2. Do you have to attend a party? Take a magic bath: put your scented stone in a bowl and pour milk over it. Pour the bath water and pour in the scented milk. Enter the bath, do not forget to bring your stone and visualize the energy of the stone that turns the milky water into a veil of charm and beauty.
  3. Your stone, perfumed, will serve as potpourri.
  4. Your stone in the hollow of your hand, will serve as a rosary of fortune.
  5. Your stone, slipped under your pillow, will inspire and help you to sleep.
  6. You can place it in a carafe and fill it with water. The next day, drink the water that has absorbed the vital energy.
  7. Use your stone as a pestle to prepare herbal teas or magic balms.
  8. Write a wish on a piece of paper then wrap your stone into it; those wishes would be granted.


The Pierced Stones

Sir Wallis Budge, in his authoritative book Amulets & Superstitions reports that the first man who found a stone with a hole in it and thought of putting it on a cord and hanging it around his neck, was credited for introducing this world to wearing of the amulet.


This is what happened at the beginning of history. Today, holidaymakers on the beach have fun looking for stones with holes; and if they find an attractive one, they can keep it as their “luck” charm.


Most likely, the first stone had holes and the reason for its magical power is the same as the very old amulet, the cowrie shell; which is a feminine emblem, representing the entrance of birth. In fact, it is a symbol of life and brings good luck.


Pierced stones are also known as witches’ stones because they protect witches’ spell. If a broken stone repels black witchcraft, on the other hand, white witchcraft considers it a lucky find. Some people thought that by looking through the hole of a stone, they could see the fairies; this happens only if the time, place and other conditions are met.


In Aradia, during the Gospel of the Witches of Italy, we are told that “finding a pierced stone is a special sign of Diana’s favor”. The discoverer will have to pick it up and thank the spirit that led him to her.


This belief, like that of horseshoes that provide protection and luck, is another example of things that are sacred to the witches’ goddess, and are amulets against the darker uses of witchcraft. It will be noted that the affliction of nightmares and bad dreams was formerly attributed to witches. It was, of course, the spirit of the witch who came and oppressed people at night; or, as occultists today would say, the projection of their astral body.


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