Make a Money bowl for Prosperity

Our website sells many beautiful bowls and altar decorations but nothing beats making your own magical decorations.

Today I’m going to share with you how you can make your own money bowl, out of items you probably already have in your own kitchen.

You need:

•2 green candles anointed with your favorite blend of money oil

•1-1/4 cups ground cinnamon

•1/4 cup ground clove

•1 cup applesauce

•1/4 cup white school glue

•A few drops of bergamot oil

•One large bowl

•One small fine mesh strainer

•Waxed paper

•A knife

•Green and gold paint

Light your green candles and create sacred space for while you are working.

Mix cinnamon, cloves, applesauce, bergamot and glue together in the large bowl.

Remove from the bowl and knead the mixture until it turns into a firm clay. Visualize prosperity and abundance in your life as you knead.

Let the dough sit for about 30 minutes.

Lay down waxed paper on the work surface and dust the area (including hands and rolling pin) with ground cinnamon.

Roll out clay with rolling pin to approximately 1/8 inch thick.

For the bowl – Lay dough over strainer and cut off excess.

Mold four “knob” legs and fix onto the bowl.

Allow to dry for approximately 5 days.

Once dry paint it green with gold symbols for wealth and prosperity.

Then put this on your altar or special space, and use for evermore with your own money work.

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