Cleaning, Purification and General Maintenance of Witches’ Stones

The crystals and stones are conductive in positive and negative energy. Before you use a stone, it is essential to purify it of all previous energies and to give the stone its own natural and balanced energy.

However, here are some suggestions on different methods that can be used for cleaning stones. You should only use the method that you feel is best for you.


Lunar light:

Place the stones on the window edge at night. Ensure that the rays of the moon gets to it.


Herbal tea with sage or rosemary:

Take some fresh sage or rosemary leaves and mix them to make a light herbal tea. Allow it to cool to room temperature. Place your crystals in a glass bowl and pour the cold tea over the stones. This method works best if you use distilled water or spring water.


Fumigation method:

Pass the stones through the smoke of incense such as sweet grass, oliban, sage or dragon’s blood. A blend of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme incense is great and will restore, cleanse and maintain good vibrations in the room as well.

Water method:

Place the stones under cold running water for 5 minutes. For this, you can also hold the stones in your hands or place them in a container that is not metal. It’s quick and easy but there are some disadvantages: some stones drop a little of their texture when wet, such as Lapis, Malachite and Sodalite. They are often stronger after this type of cleaning – but they deteriorate faster.

Rain method:

The stones really like the rain. Leave it in the rain after which you can let it dry naturally in the sun.

Sea Salt Method:

Use about one cup of sea salt for 2 cups of natural spring water. Place the stones in the salt water and leave it for hours. If it’s a sunny day, take them out and let them dry under the rays of the sun for a few hours, or if they are lunar stones, arrange them under the moonlight on the windowsill at night.

Note :

Do not clean the following stones with salt water:


– Calcite

– Carnelian

– Labradorite (Spectrolite)

– Lepidolite

– Moldavite

– Opal

– Turquoise

– Ulexite


Sand and earth method:


Bury the stones in the sand or wet earth. It’s better to put the stones in the ground – just remember to mark where they are buried! Leave it for 24 hours. This method is especially useful for very negative energies. Also, you can use this method after you have tried others and the stones are yet to be balanced.

Do not wrap them, sometimes the gloss goes off with this method.

Outdoor method:

Arrange your stones and crystals on a tray covered with a cotton cloth. Place under the sun for a few hours. If you can place stones near plants, the purification will be much more powerful. Sometimes, birds become attracted to the stones and might pick up the little stones.  .

Stones that can be damaged under the sun’s rays:

Aventurine : translucent type often loses its color

Amethyst : becomes paler

Apatite : pink varieties fade

Aquamarine : becomes paler

Beryl : brown or orange types can turn into a pale pink

Celestite : becomes paler

Citrine : can change color

Fluorite : green and purple types can change color

Kunzite : becomes paler or loses its color

Opal : becomes paler

Smoky Quartz : becomes paler

Rose Quartz : becomes paler

Turquoise  : becomes paler



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