Four Effective Weight Loss Spells You Should Try

Losing weight is one of the goals many people wish to achieve. It is either you wish to lose weight in order to gain that perfect body shape or to improve your health. If you have tried different weight loss diet plan coupled with steady exercising but you haven’t really lost those pounds, then this is the time to try out some weight loss spells and achieve your goals.


This ritual to lose weight is easy to prepare and was recommended by the famous Brazilian medium Chico Xavier.

On a Wednesday morning:

  • In half a glass of water, place the number of grains of rice corresponding to the number of kilos you want to lose.
  • Keep it for the whole day and at night drink the water leaving the grains of rice.
  • Replace water, half a glass, with the same grains of rice inside.
  • Keep it for the whole night and on Thursday morning, drink the water and leave the rice inside again.
  • Add half a glass of water to the rice and keep it till the following day.

On Friday morning, drink the water and also the rice, all together.
After a while, you will notice that you have lost some weight. You can repeat the ritual to lose more kilos.


On a waning moonlight night with a clear sky, leave your home with a yellow silk ribbon.

Look to the sky and choose a star.
Then, knot the tape for every kilo of weight you want to lose.
At the same time say the following phrase:

Star, little star, beautiful and thin, give me your beauty and thinness and I will give you my fatness “.

After doing this, tie the ribbon on your wrist and every time you lose a kilo untie a knot. Perform this ritual to lose weight with faith.


Garlic is an ingredient widely used for cooking and it is easily accessible. It can be used for this weight loss ritual.

Items Needed

1 liter of water;
7 cloves of garlic from a new head


  • Garnish the garlic cloves.
  • Then put them into a pot and add a liter of water.
  • Heat the contents over a low heat for 20 minutes.
  • Take a spoonful of that water every morning before breakfast.
  • From the third day of this ritual, you will begin to see the first results.
  • For this ritual to take effect, you have to drink this portion every day .

If for some reason, you fail or forget to drink the liquid, you must start all over again. You can carry out this ritual for three weeks but remember to make new portion after every seven days.

Ritual Four

Items Needed:

Get a white, yellow and a blue candle as well as a mirror.


Light the candles and line them up in a row in the front of the mirror.
Recite this:

As I lose the weight

I am feeling really great

As the extra pounds are melting

My journey gets exciting

My motivation is the key

To mote it be

  • After the candles have melted, combine the wax from the three candles and use it make a new candle.
  • Repeat the ritual daily and after the new candle has been made, light it up.
  • Burn the new candle until it puts itself out.
  • Repeat the process each day and ensure to focus your thoughts on your intention throughout the ritual.
  • Have faith and after a while, you would lose some weight.


To get positive results from these rituals you must have strong faith in it. Also, during this time you must have changed your eating habits (plan a healthy diet and an exercise program) and these spells would work for you.

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