Hoodoo style hotfoot or foot track magic spells

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There are several ways to work HotFoot or Foot Track magic spells.

Foot track magic involves working sorcery using the dirt from someone’s footprint placed in a bottle.

You can also sprinkle powder such as goofer dust or graveyard dirt inside someone’s shoes or in a place they’re likely to walk through, in order to administer a curse.

Walking over the buried bottle spell or contact between the powder and the victim’s foot results in toxic magical consequences such as a streak of bad luck or unexplained illness.

Bottle Spell

  1. Gather the dirt from a footprint of your enemy.
  2. Put the dirt in a bottle or jar
  3. Add some hot foot powder
  4. bury it under your targets front porch or in their front yard.

To break the spell

The only way this spell can be broken is by digging up the bottle and throwing it in a fire. If this is done and the bottle bursts, the spell is considered broken.


Bottle Spell to Remove an Asshole Husband

  1. Take the right foot track of your hateful husband and put it in a dark bottle or jar.
  2. Add a dirt dauber’s nest and some cayenne pepper to the foot track and parch it in an old tin frying pan.
  3. Put all of this into a dirty sock and tie it up.
  4. Turn the bundle away from you as you tie it.
  5. Carry it to the river at twelve noon. When you get within forty feet of the river, you must run fast to the edge of the water, whirl suddenly and hurl the sock over your left shoulder into the water and never look back.
  6. Say, “Go, and go quick in the name of Lucifer (or your Goddess or demons name).”


Make your own Hot Foot Powder

It is very easy to make your own Hot Foot Powder. Of course if you can’t be bothered to make it yourself, you can buy it cheap from our store.

Use equal parts of the following ingredients, mixed in a base of rice flour or corn starch. Store in a container with the lid sealed tight.

  • Chili powder
  • Red pepper
  • Black pepper
  • Sulfur



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