How to Cast Revenge Spells on Your Enemies

Have you been experiencing failures and setbacks? Did the doctor say you have got a deteriorating health despite all the treatments you have been on? Then it might be that someone has cast a hex on you. Let us assume that you have found out the person behind all the negative things that have happened to you, would you just let him go? Well, if you decide to cast some revenge spells on him then these examples might be of help to you.

The black magic revenge ritual can be used to punish a person by increasing his bad vibrations. You can carry out these rituals on someone who has hurt you.

Below are some revenge spells to cast on anyone who doesn’t love to see you happy and healthy.

Ritual One:

To perform this ritual you must be dressed in black.

Items required:

  • The photo or an object of the person concerned.
  • Walnut bark
  • White cotton linen
  • Saliva
  • Fine salt


  • Draw your magical circle using fine salt.
  • Get a glass of red wine then sit in the middle of the circle with the glass of wine in your hand.
  • Get a photo or an object owned by the person you wish to harm.
  • Puncture the walnut bark and burn it.
  • Place the picture on the white cloth.
  • Gather the ashes and pour it on the picture.
  • Spit 3 times on everything then knot the white cloth.
  • On a full moon night, place the cloth outside till dawn.
  • After three days bury the cloth and its contents.

To complete the ritual, take the glass of red wine in your left hand then meditate on the curses you wish to send to the individual.

Recite this incantation three times.

“I invoke you, O Astaroth,

Great Hulk of the underworld,

I humbly ask you to come to this place,

Give me strength to weaken this person,

Infuse this drink with your power and allow me to realize this evil spell.”


Ritual Two:

Items required:

  • Photo of your enemy
  • 1 Lemon
  • Athame
  • Black bowl
  • 1 Black candle
  • Cursing oil
  • 9 Nails


  • Light the candle.
  • Cut open the lemon.
  • Place the person’s photo on the lemon.
  • While meditating on your aim penetrate a nail into the lemon.
  • Repeat this process for the nine nails and ensure that you are furious while doing this.
  • Place the lemon into the bowl.
  • Pour cursing oil onto the lemon until it gets half covered with the oil.
  • Keep the lemon until it decays.

As the lemon decays the luck of the person gradually diminishes and bad things start happening to him.

We already know that karma catches up with people who harm others but when you cast revenge spells, you would only hasten karma’s punishment.

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