What You Should Know About Alexandrian Wicca

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Alexandrian Wicca is a Neopagan religion founded by Alex and Maxine Sanders. This tradition was established in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. Alexandrian wicca is mentioned as one of the most widely recognized traditions which are largely based on Gardnerian wicca. It covers the First degree of Initiation, the Elements of Ceremonial magick and the Qabalah.


Deities: Goddess mother and the Horned God

Kind:     Wicca

Country or region of origin:  UK

Country with the most followers:   UK

Estimated Followers: Unknown

Communities: Covens

Followers are called Alexandrian Wiccans

According to The Encyclopedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism, when compared with Gardnerian Wicca, Xander’s Wicca is somewhat more eclectic. They also believe in the Wiccan Rede that supports doing anything you desire as long as it does not harm anyone. Some of their tools, deities and elemental names differ from the Gardnerian tradition.

The Mystic Encyclopedia declared that Alexandrian Wicca never gained the popularity of the Gardnerian tradition due to negative publicity about Sanders. According to that encyclopedia, in the 80s, none of the covens in the United State had connection with Sanders. However, the Alexandrians covens were firmly established in Canada before the negative publicity about Alex Sanders began.

There are four main variations within this tradition: the first corresponds to the initiates of Alex and Maxine Sanders between 1960 and 1971 in the United Kingdom; the second corresponds to the initiates of Alex after his separation from Maxine between 1972 and until his death in 1988; the third corresponds to the initiates of Maxine during the years that she was active in the craft. And the fourth corresponds to the second and third generation initiates that took Alexandrian Wicca to various parts of Europe, the United States and other countries. 

Alex and Maxine Sanders
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The personality of Alex Sanders is reflected in his Wicca tradition. However, all the covens within the Alexandrian wicca are independent of each other, and therefore they are all different to a greater or lesser extent. It is possible to find second or third generation practitioners who have maintained (and even deepened) the call to Ceremonial Magic, Qabalah, Egyptian mysteries, etc. and others who have created, on the basis of what they received from Alex or Maxine, a new system of cocktail practices that reflects a personal understanding of the mysteries and the application of the magical arts.

Beliefs and Practices:

Traditionally, they work and worship the Ancient Gods of Europe with primary focus on the Lady of the Moon and the Horned god. However, the initiates of this tradition can relate to other divinities in their particular practices or within their coven. Her followers are known for sky clad practices although there are still some individuals who prefer to wear clothes during the rituals. Also, Alexandrian covens are known to meet on new moons, full moons and during Sabbat festivals.

The followers of Alex and Sanders have many secret traditions. They keep their traditions sacred and unbelievers are not allowed to know these things. In Alexandrian Wicca, initiation or promotion is not a right. Before a person can be initiated, he is expected to prove that he is suitable for the post.  Also, he would be thoroughly examined by the elders of the coven and if his level of commitment, personality, maturity, sincerity, turn out to be okay, then he would be accepted and trained on how to safely practice Alexandrian Wiccan traditions.


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