The Uses of Seashells in Black Magic

Long before fancy new-age tools became readily available, our ancestors had turned to nature to obtain magical power. They discovered some natural objects that are imbued with spiritual energies that enhance spells and charms.

Seashells are powerful natural objects associated with the various sea gods and goddesses of different culture. These objects were added to wiccan altars to create a connection with the sea gods.

In magical practices, seashells are used for protection, love, prosperity, healing and other spells.

General Uses of Seashells


Shells are used in preparing protection amulets because of its strong protective energies. You can protect the house by placing chains of shells on doors and windows.

You can use them as pendants for protection against negative entities or tie a small round shell on the necks of your pets to keep them safe.


Shells are used in love spells and on jewelries to attract the opposite sex. It is also used to produce powerful talisman to keep two lovers together.


In Africa, shells are used as a form of currency and for this reason they are suitable for money spells. You can hang seashells at your business location to attract customers or place them in your wallet to continuously attract money to it.


Shells are sometimes cut into thin slices and used to decorate headdresses, pendants, bowls, magical wands and other objects. A shell-covered box or mirror could be a lovely tool for a water witch’s altar.

Shell Spell on Self-Healing:

This spell is done using the power of the moon. If you wish to gain something then perform this spell during a waxing moon but if you wish to dissolve something then perform it during a waning moon.

In this example, we will use the Uruz rune to represent self-healing and this spell should be done by the seaside.

Items Required:

  • Suitable shell,
  • Fine nibbed marker pen,
  • A symbol of your desire (Uruz rune).


  • Get a suitable shell from shallow water.
  • Dry thoroughly and draw your suitable symbol on the shell’s surface.
  • Place the shell on the shore so it gets charged by the waves.
  • Draw a triangle on the sand to enclose the shell completely.
  • Let the symbol be faced towards the moon.
  • You can also write meaningful words or phrase on the sand then face the moon and recite:

“Goddess of Moon, Earth and Sea,

My wish in thy name must come to be.

Powers and forces which tides do make,

Now summon thy waves, my spell to take.”


  • Leave the area and the spell is set.
  • Once the waves come, then your wishes will be taken to the spirits of the sea.


While collecting your sea shells please ensure that the creature isn’t inside it. If there is an organism in it then toss it back into the water and look for an empty shell.

You can purchase your shells from reliable stores but ensure to cleanse and reload it before use. You can do this by soaking it in a bowl of sea salt then place it under the sun or full moon light for several hours. After these steps then your magical shells would be ready.

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