The Magical Power of Snow and Ice

Ice magick is using ice and snow to enhance spell work. Although well known in the West, divination with ice is widespread in Asia, particularly in the Himalayan region. Through this method of consultation, you can get the answers about your future, your love, professional and spiritual life and you can also learn what actions you must take to achieve success in these sectors.

There are different deities associated with ice, snow and winter storms. Marija Gimbutas mentioned Frau Holle, the Norse goddess who is associated with snowfall. She holds dominion over death, caves, graves, tombs in the earth and the cold darkness of winter. She also receives the light of midwinter and the fertilized egg which transforms the tomb into a womb for the gestation of new life. The Japanese Yuki Onna is a spirit of winter storms who dwells in the mountains.

The solid property of ice makes it useful in casting hexes, protections, curses, bindings, and banishing spells. While snow is best used in healing and cleansing.

How to cast an ice spell:

Before casting a spell with ice, get a large piece of ice and throw on a large surface then note the number of pieces it breaks into. If the number is even, you are authorized by the astral forces, to ask a question about your love life. If it is odd, the query should be about your work.

In case the stone remains intact, you can try out invoking the undines who are spectacularly beautiful aquatic nymphs that live in lakes, rivers, ponds, and fountains.


You should collect all the ice and put it in a deep dish. Then invoke the undines, saying:

“I call on the Undines that live in liquid and solid waters please bring the answers to all my doubts”.


After the summoning, you should sit in a comfortable and relaxed way, and watch the way the ice melts. If it forms edges, then it means that you should be at alert. Depending on your request the edges could represent an obstacle to the actualization of your desires. However, if the ice melts without forming edges, it is a sign of good luck and blessings.

To continue with the consultation, place another piece of ice on a large white plate and meditate on what you desire. Be attentive to the advice of the undines then look closely at the block of ice and try to decipher the images that are formed as it begins to melt.

If the shape of the images is clear (circles, crosses, lines, stars), it means that you only need to work harder and be more determined. Whereas, if you notice many tangled lines and cracks, that means you need to get rid of your fears and grudges of the past in order to achieve your goals. Your unconscious traumas and obstacles have a way of preventing your progress if you don’t put a check on them. When all the ice melts, pour the water into the sink and thank the undines for the assistance and secrets they have exposed to you.


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