Meditation 101

The Third Eye Chakra

If Visualization is the battery of magic and psychic ability, then Meditation is the Battery Charger.

Here’s how to make it work for you:

  • Moods are not just for Cattle and Love playWhere you chose to meditate is vital. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. The more comfortable you make your surroundings, the easier and more effective it will be. Some people like to burn candles, listen to music or burn incense. If you are wanting to raise your energy I would recommend using a Cinnamon incense. If you feel “open” to outside or negative influences, I would suggest Sandalwood incense (this also helps with grounding). Calm music is preferred. I would recommend white candles when starting out.
  • Shields UpUse your visualization to raise your shields for additional support against outside influences. (From Lesson Two)
  • Charge UpGround and center yourself by charging up your Base, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras (from Lesson Three).
  • Light the FireThis is the point where you are ready to take the next steps in visualization and really begin to move some energy. If you are needing guidance in your life, visualize indigo or purple energy filling your entire body. If you feel you need protection, make it white. If you need financial security, a new start or love, channel green energy. But unlike your other visualizations, try to do this with your eyes OPEN. If it is difficult, try to do it a little at a time until it becomes easy. If you are using candles, I would suggest zoning out in the flame, but don’t lose focus of the energy you are trying to pull in. Don’t be surprised if images you are not focusing on come into your mind. Allow them to come and notice them (this is called Intuitive Meditation because you are not focusing on controlling the imagery).

  • Learn MoreAfter you feel the energy taking the desired effect and you feel that you are done, don’t release the energy. Use a piece of paper and a pencil to write down any impressions or thoughts you are having. This is also a good point for you to gain additional insight on your progress. To start, I would recommend using a divination technique at first such as a pendulum or the Tarot. The questions should all be related to the meditation session you just completed.
  • Optional: Show RespectIf you are following a pagan path, be sure to show respect to fire if you are using candles and incense. Thank the fire in helping to lend its energy to you. Don’t blow out the candle, simple snuff it. If you don’t have a snuffer, just lick your thumb and index finger and quickly grab the burning wick and then release. Don’t hold on too long or else you’ll get a reminder on your fingers that you won’t like too much.

In the next lesson, I will go more into Intuitive Meditation and show you how to gain a better understanding of your life and energies. This is a great tool to help you raise your personal level of power. I will offer some other suggestions to move you easily into the transition phase of the trance you fall under when doing meditation.

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