Introduction to Visualization

The Third Eye Chakra

What is Visualization?

Visualization is the essential key to performing magic or using psychic ability.

Think of it like this. Your brain controls the muscles in your body and when your brain says “Walk to that side of the room”, you automatically take those steps based on the intent that is coming from your brain.

Visualization is much like that. When you create a visualization, it effectively becomes the “body” of your spiritual energy. Your spiritual energy will “command” this “body” to perform a specific service.

In the popular book (and movie) “The Secret”, they discuss techniques in the Law of Attraction. In it, they describe creating a “visual board” or “dream board” by placing things that you want that reflect what you desire in your life onto this board and “KNOW” that the Universe will bring these things to you.

It does work, but it is cheating, in my humble opinion because it will take you a lot longer to get to those goals this way because what you are essential doing is “imprinting” yourself with the images from the board to visualize your intent. After you have seen something so many times (like the paper towel holder in your kitchen), you can easily visualize this in your mind without much discipline and you know what the purpose of that paper towel holder is, so you don’t have to but additional thought on the intent of the imagery of the paper towel holder!

So don’t be lazy about it. Know that with practice, you can create powerful visualizations that are specifically focused on your intent and you do not need a cheat sheet to do it.

When learning controlled visualization techniques using meditation, it is important that you learn how to visualize the image for the specific task you intend to do. For example, if you are wanting to go somewhere, you shouldn’t try to use a can opener. You would want to use a car, right?

Ok, so it is just as important for you to be able to maintain a controlled visualization of your purpose or intent without the imagery changing.

How many times have you thought of something with some serious intent like, “I’m going to drive to the store, then to the bank and then to see my friend, etc.” and the next thing you know, you’re daydreaming about taking a vacation in Rio! Daydreaming is visualization going wild with no self restraint and does not serve a purpose when attempting to focus spiritual energy towards a specific task (but daydreaming does have a purpose, just not for this discussion).

You need to “imagine” what it is that you intend to do with your spiritual energy and “hold” that image in your mind with intent focus. You need to be able to take a look at this mental image and be able to focus down to finer details such as color, texture, inscriptions, or whatever is relevant to the task you are trying to perform. You need to be able to visualize this image as being three dimensional because this image that you have visualized will become the vessel of your spiritual intent!

Visualization should also not be limited to still imagery if it doesn’t meet your purpose. If the image of your intent needs to move around and do things, then visualize it doing so, however, don’t let your mind stray from the task that you have planned.

To help set you on the right path, the best example of creating a visualization for a magical intent for a beginner is to use a ball (i.e. sphere) of energy and focus your intent of what you want into that ball so that it will know what to do when you send it out into the Universe.

To get started on some basic and sound visualization techniques see below:

First Lesson: Visualization 101

When focusing spiritual energy or psychic abilities, it is important to “see” the energy flow. By visualizing the energy, this helps put intent behind it.

Through visualization, you can build spiritual energies from everywhere around you and channel that power to meet your goals. Follow the steps and exercises below to build your abilities to visualize energy. Take your time and slowly work on these steps for brief periods of time as your daily schedule permits. Do not move to the next step until you feel you have mastered the ones before it. This is not a race and patience is a key to success here.

  • See it.Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Get into a relaxed, comfortable position. Now begin by imagining a ball with two colors of significance to you, but ignore darker colors such as black or blood red. Imagine the background behind it as being a rich neon blue (the color that represents imagination).
  • Move it.Now imagine the ball divided in half by the two colors. In your mind, now gently spin the and see the two colors you have change their points of view as the ball spins slowly. As the ball continues to spin on it’s axis, begin to think about the ball changing directions, up, down, side ways, reverse, etc. You can even have the ball itself move forward and backwards from your perception.
  • Change it.After you feel comfortable seeing the ball and putting it into motion, now change the ball. You can start by blending the colors together, creating swirls of the colors, changing the colors, make the colors brighter, etc. The brighter and “happier” the colors, the more positive energy you will build as you keep going. Work on changing the blue background to purple/violet (Violet represents a higher imagination in spirit where as blue represents a more mental visualization approach).
  • Send it.Now imagine power, energy moving into the ball. Imagine it radiating with silver or golden light and the light is dancing like the sun or twinkling like a star. Think of something positive that you need in your life and visualize the request going into the ball and infusing it with even more power. Be sure that you use a need instead of a desire and make sure that it isn’t something that would interfere with someone’s life (like trying to get someone to love you against their will). Use green for money to pay a bill, red to FIND friendship or love, etc. Now that you have your ball ready, draw it into your chest near your heart. Imagine the ball moving into you. Once it is there, it is ready to “send”. If you are right handed, extend your right hand. If you are left handed, use your left hand. If you have no hands, imagine a spiritual arm or hand that you prefer to use to extend from your torso. Now give the ball the motion of thrust (massive speed) from your heart, down through your arm and out your hand as you point your hand. Imagine the ball going into the universe, your bank account, the sun, the earth, a tree, a bill that is due but remember, do not focus on any person in particular unless you have their permission to do so. Also avoid sending out anything negative. Negativity will come back to you like white on rice and a glass of milk like a paper plate in the middle of a snowstorm. That’s something you don’t need if you are trying to grow your power.

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