Intermediate Visualization

The Third Eye Chakra

Visualization is the key ingredient in any psychic or magical work. This helps you to concentrate and focus your energy on the task you have set out to achieve.

Our next steps deal with full image visualizations. This is much easier than it sounds. Think of it like daydreaming except you are doing it on purpose. Remember, do the steps in order and don’t jump ahead. Each step builds from the previous.

  • See the MusicYour first task will be to find a song that you like to listen to, but never seen the music video of. What you will do is find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, turn on that song, close your eyes and visualize a video in your head.
  • Rinse and RepeatOnce you’ve played the video you created in your head, start over with the “See the Music” step, but this time try to play the video in your head the exact same way you saw it before. Try not to add or remove any details from your first visualization at this time. This will help you to build focus skills for complex imagery when working with energy.
  • Thank the AcademyNow that you have made your own home music video visualization and have learned to sustain said video in your mind, we move to real motion picture. But this time, we are going to do it as someone else visualized. Find a copy of your favorite movie and forward it to your favorite scene. You want to have about 10 to 15 minutes worth of video to review. Now after you’ve watched the video clip, turn it off and replay the scene in your mind several times. Try to remember every detail of what was being said, the dialogue that was used and what emotions you felt during each points of the scene. After several tries, rinse and repeat until you feel certain that the entire scene can be played in your head without missing anything.
  • Don’t judge a bookThis step should be easier for those who like to read stories. What I need you to do is grab a fantasy or science fiction book that you haven’t read and read it. After you’ve finished with each chapter, stop. Replay the chapter in your mind visualizing each detail. Once again, rinse and repeat this step until you feel comfortable.

After you feel comfortable with these exercises, you will be ready for the third lesson that I’ve prepared for this introduction to magic.

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