Power Visualization

The Third Eye Chakra

Now that you know how to properly construct a Circle of Protection, you are now ready for the next steps to successful power techniques.

This exercise will allow you to transfer, or move, your conscience freely where you need to direct it.

  • Prepare Your Meditation Space
    This exercise will require a slightly different area to work in. You can use your normal meditation area, but this time, you will need to be able to lie down. Prepare your Circle of Protection as you normally would, but you may want to make it large enough to accommodate your body lying flat. You can also choose to use a bed to lie on or place a pillow on the floor.
  • Focus Meditation
    With this exercise, you want to focus on a specific process of moving energy. This will not be an intuitive meditation. You will want to lie flat in your workspace and do your chakra work again (first time was during the construction of your circle). Make sure that no two body parts are crossed. Keep your arms lying comfortably at your side, fingers slightly curled and not crossing one another. Your legs should be slightly bent and not crossed. It is preferred that you do not use a pillow, but if you are using the floor, a small one will be good to support your head.

  • Relax, Don’t Do It
    Now just relax your body. You’ve used focus meditation and you are ready to move your conscience. This is similar in many ways to the test you did in the blog post “You ARE a Spiritual Being”. What you need to do here, however, is you want to realize, but not focus, on the center of your thoughts in your head. That voice in your mind that is you. Now gently, without much focus or effort, allow your conscience to move to your Crown Chakra, just above the crown of your head. It helps to visualize and continue to charge this chakra, steadily putting energy into it.The reason for visualizing the light to charge your chakras should be focused through your Crown Chakra, but charging your Base Chakra first is because without forethought, you may begin to move your conscience through your chakras. By the time you charge your Third Eye Chakra, your conscience may move involuntarily to the Crown Chakra as you focus on charging it.

    You will want to feel your thoughts coming from the Crown Chakra and not that place in your mind that is you. You are a spiritual being. The Crown Chakra is a representation of your higher self. By freely allowing your conscience to move with your intent to this chakra, you are diverting your power from the physical plane of the material to the spiritual plane. This will allow you to work with energies that are not imaginable in the physical plane.

    The reason for the Circle of Protection is to protect your conscience until you become comfortable and safe while performing this exercise.

  • A New Construct
    Once you have successfully moved your conscience to the Crown Chakra, you are then ready to prepare a spiritual representation of yourself.Think of the movie The Abyss. Now visualize a clear liquid tentacle like that from the movie coming from the back of your head and coming into the air just above your body.

    As you focus on this visualization, you will want to continue having the tentacle of “spiritual water” grow and lengthen to the size of your body. Now visualize the liquid forming a shape that is identical to your body. This spiritual representation of you that is made of spiritual liquid should also be facing the ceiling with no body parts crossing. It should hover about a foot or so above your body, but still remain in your protective circle.

    The tentacle that helped you to form this representation of you should remain connected to the back of your head and link to the back of the representation’s head.

  • Now Move Again
    Your conscience should still be at your Crown Chakra. When you feel that the representation of you is an exact duplicate with the exception of being “clear like water”, then you should be ready to move.Allow your conscience to return to your normal place in your head and rest comfortably. Continue to focus on the spiritual representation. Now as relax as we were when you moved your conscience to the Crown Chakra, you should now allow your conscience to move into the tentacle through the back of your head. This is a more voluntary response than the forced reaction from the spiritual being test where you “DO NOT feel yourself being six inches from the back of your head.”

    As your conscience begins to move into the tentacle, visualize the spiritual representation of your self slight pulling your mind into itself like a tide in the water. This should feel gentle.

  • Open Your Eyes
    Open your eyes in the spiritual representation of yourself.
  • Return
    When you have comfortably and without force moved your conscience into your spiritual representation and opened your spiritual eyes, you should then gently move with the tide through the tentacle back into your physical mind. It should be just as gentle as when you moved into your spiritual representation.Once you have moved back into your head, you should then allow the spiritual construct to move back through the tentacle back into your body. Then you will want to absorb the tentacle back into yourself as well.

This exercise can take years to master. You should never perform this exercise when you are feeling physically or spiritually exhausted. You should also avoid this exercise when you are sick.

It it very important that you practice this exercise daily (if you are not ill, etc.) for at least seven days before moving into the next lesson.

If you have trouble with this exercise, I high recommend returning back to the First Lesson: Visualization 101.

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