Using Crystals to heal the Chakras by Alana Fairchild

Invoke your Angels, Guides and Soul. Ask for the Highest Good to be done through you. I also like to invoke other Beings of Light that I work with and the Guides of my client.

Often healings are quite different from client to client because their Souls are so different and therefore their Guidance is so different. That means that each healing is unique and I will often be guided to use different techniques for different clients.

Intuit which chakra(s) you are drawn to work on

As you develop your abilities, you will start to sense the chakra system as a whole and realise that work on one chakra affects the others in the body. You will then work on a number of chakras at any given time, although you may choose to focus on one more so than the others.

An experienced practitioner will work holistically through your entire energy system so that you are balanced and aligned at the end of the session. It takes time to be aware of subtleties at this level and it can be best to build your intuitive awareness by focusing on one centre at a time initially.

For example, let us say that a client is coming to you with headaches. If you intuited that those headaches were coming from constant anxieties and worries, you may choose to focus on the solar plexus first and the head centres second. If those headaches were coming from hormonal imbalances, you may choose to focus on the sacral, base and solar plexus centres and then on the head centres. If the headaches were related to unexpressed anger or fear, you would focus on the base centre, the heart and the head and so forth.

Determine the needs of the chakra(s) in question

Does the chakra need energising, calming, balancing, aligning or simply cleansing? You can determine the needs of the centre by using etheric touch to sense depth, quality & size. Remember that all the centres relate to each other – so when you alter the energies of one centre, the others will also be affected and may need to be rebalanced again.

Intuit the crystal required for the chakra in question (according to colour or general properties) If a centre needs cleansing, you may choose a crystal with deep cleansing properties like fluorite or smokey quartz, which both absorb pain, density and negativity. They will need to be well cleansed after the session.

Another choice may be Amethyst which transmutes negativity into its higher forms. If a centre needed energising, you may choose a rutilated quartz, clear or smokey quartz or garnet. If a centre needed aligning and rebalancing you may choose a calcite in an appropriate colour for the chakra in question, and you may even wish to combine crystals, using two or three in formation around the chakra or removing and replacing crystals throughout the healing session.

Intuit the shape of crystal required for your purpose

This may be a small tumbled stone to be carried in a pouch or pocket, a pyramid or generator to build power, or perhaps a crystal wand or cluster to cleanse a chakra, or a sphere to bathe the aura in the energies of the crystal in question.

Intuit where the crystal is best placed or directed for the healing

This is where your understanding of auric structure is helpful. There is plenty of information on this on the site, including free articles on subtle anatomy.

Does the crystal need to work on an etheric, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level in particular? If so, whereabouts in the auric body should it be placed? Or should it be rested directly on the physical body?

Sensing how clear the aura is will affect your judgement here – the clearer the aura, the easier it will be for the crystal energies to permeate into the chakras and do their work. Spraying the aura with a sea salt, amethyst elixir and lavender and sandalwood essential oils mixture will help cleanse the aura, break up negativity and transmute it into a more refined form of energy, making your healing work more effective.

Intuit what program the crystal needs for the healing (such as to cleanse, energise and align). Remember to tell the crystal what you need for it to do.

Sense how long the crystal needs to be applied, carried or directed to the affected area

Trust your intuition on this one. Scan or sense the chakras and aura.

Ask your client for feedback, remembering that sometimes the effects of a healing are not noticed until minutes, hours or even days later (although most clients will be sensitive enough to register the changes in their energy field almost immediately – even if they do not fully understand what has taken place or how it has done so).

Seal up the chakras with Violet or Blue Light, surround the aura in Gold, Violet or Blue Light (using visualisation) and say your final prayers of thanks to Spirit.

Carry the intention for protection and to seal in the effects of your healing work. So be it!

I wish you every joy in your work with these beautiful companions on the lightworker’s path.

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