Do you desire to get money fast? If yes, then I think you should try out some money spells using sugar. These rituals when done properly actually attract money to you. So you wouldn’t have to complain about money scarcity anymore. With these spells you can attract customers to your business, get a job, and achieve more abundance and endless positive things. Sounds interesting right?


Our top ingredient for these rituals is sugar.

Sugar is only used in positive rituals; you can hardly see sugar for negative or dark things. In this blog I will show you five rituals using sugar that would earn you more cash.

General Conditions Necessary for Rituals with Sugar to Attract Money


Day to do the spells: Thursday.

Phase of the moon: Crescent moon is the best but you can carry these spells during all phases except when the moon is waning.

Hours: From midnight to noon i.e. when the sun is on the rise.


  1. Ritual with sugar to attract abundance:

The simplest way to do this is to place charcoal or embers in a heat-resistant container.

Go through all the rooms of the house and in each one of them throw a spoonful of sugar on the burning coal, letting the smoke invade the environment.

Each time you place the sugar you can make the order you want.


  1. Spell for money with sugar (13 days or less)

On the outside of your house, place a bowl of sugar with a few coins inside and keep it there all night. You can do this during all phases of the moon except when the moon is waning.


On the next day, remove the coins and leave them on the floor of your house, anywhere, in all environments or in the corners if you do not want to step on them.

Leave the sugar in the kitchen and between duration of 13 days, money must arrive and when it does, remove the coins and throw away the sugar. You can repeat this procedure every time you want money.


  1. Spell with sugar and coins:

  • Take a sheet of green paper or cardboard (any type of green paper will do).
  • Light a green candle that you have sprinkled with sugar previously.
  • Drop one or two hot wax on the paper and while the liquid is still hot, place a coin of little value over it.
  • Do this 10 times, with 10 coins.
  • Let the candle burn.
  • Fold the paper and put it inside a plain paper envelope.
  • Add a handful of sugar and let the candle wax remain inside the envelope
  • Bury the envelope under a tree in your yard as you say:

“Everything I ask and need, multiply by ten”


If you do not have a tree you can bury it in a pot, but it must be a plant that has flowers or used to have flowers. 

TIP: Do not place it under a fern.


  1. Spell to avoid debts and attract abundance

This spell is another great spell of abundance that serves not only to get money fast but also prevents us from incurring debts.

Follow these steps to practice:

  • Get a SQUARE glass bottle; it cannot be round.
  • On each side of the bottle stick a small piece of mirror. It will work if you have a broken one, but the best way is to get small pocket mirrors, like the ones you use in your bag to touch up your lipstick.
  • Stick the 4 mirrors on the 4 sides of the glass.

This is fundamental to reject all the bad energies responsible for money scarcity and debts.

Inside the container place:

  • Add a little salt (to absorb negativity)
  • Add a little bit of ground coffee (to be always alert for the opportunities of money and prosperity)
  • Add a ticket rolled up and tied with strands of your hair. If you cannot do that, tie it with a green ribbon.
  • Add 3 silver coins of any value (represents your current wealth or what you already have)
  • 3 gold coins (to call money)
  • Once you have done all that, fill the bottle with sugar and close it with its lid.
  • Light a white or green candle and seal the entire edge of the lid with wax so that it is not opened.

Once sealed, place the magic item in your kitchen or near your business cash register if you have a business. This will be a powerful talisman to attract the money and at the same time a great amulet to repel the debts.


  1. Ritual using sugar and a plant

Another way to get quick money using sugar is with the money plant. What should you do? Get a beautiful plant in your house either on the ground or in a pot.

The plant can be with flowers or without them, but it is important that it is a healthy, strong and growing plant.

Items needed for this ritual:

  • A plant
  • A yellow candle
  • A coin
  • 2 liters of water
  • Sugar (about half kilo)


  1. Write your full name on the yellow candle using something sharp. Also write “Money is sweet, it shines and it comes to me”.
  2. Light the candle.
  3. Place the water in a bowl, add the sugar, and stir the preparation well.
  4. Put the coin inside the container and leave it next to the candle until it is consumed and extinguished.
  5. When the candle has been extinguished, you will use this water to water the plant you have chosen for this ritual, but before that, you must bury the container and the remainder of the candle wax next to the plant.
  6. Bury, cover and water the plant with some magic water, while you say: “Money is sweet, let it shine and come to me”

Reserve a little quantity of the water because you will repeat the plant watering process later.


With these 5 ways to get quick money using sugar you will see that sometimes the magic can be very simple, you just have to trust without a doubt, that it will work perfectly for you!

In addition to sugar, you can make rituals for money using many things like: laurel, mint, basil, cinnamon, honey, pepper and even salt.

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    • BM Witch says:

      White sugar was traditionally the only type of sugar available, and these days we do have many different varieties. I believe the key concept is to have something that is sweet that is drawing. Personally, I find ants can be attracted to any type of sweetening agent, but use what you have, and let me know your results

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