How to Cast Revenge Spells on Your Ex

When you met him, you loved him so much and he claimed to have loved you too. Then as time went on, you developed complete trust in him and he meant more than the whole world to you. Who would have imagined that he would suddenly betray and hurt you so badly? 

If you have an ex that you wish to punish for hurting your feelings, then these revenge spells might be of help to you.

Revenge Spell 1

Salt and Pepper Ritual to take revenge on a man:

This ritual should be done between midnight and morning.

Necessary materials:

  • Half a meter red ribbon
  • 1 candle in the shape of a coffin, black
  • 2 pieces of paper
  • 1 ballpoint
  • Coarse salt
  • Animal fat
  • 7 grains of black pepper


  • Cut three strips into the size of the candle and write the entire name of your former partner.
  • Place one of the strips in the bottom of the coffin with coarse salt, the second and another little salt, then the third strip and behind it, the pepper and above all this, the animal fat.
  • Close the lid of the coffin with the shape of a candle, with the same melted wax, without spilling anything to the outside.
  • Put the candle in a microwave so that it melts completely.
  • Remove from the microwave and wait for it to cool.
  • Put the wax residues on the sheet and tie it with the ribbon as if it were a small bag.
  • Throw the package in a bucket of water while reciting:

You cannot harm me anymore, the evil has already disappeared, there is nothing you can do to harm me. So be it”.

Revenge Spell 2

Projecting Nightmares for revenge

With this rite, you can get revenge on that man who hurt you by requesting that he is being tortured with nightmares. This ritual works if done properly:

Necessary materials:

  • One black candle
  • A photo of your target


  • Light a candle as recommended.
  • Recite this phrase three times:

“To you, Hypnos,  the god of dreams and hallucinations, with your power, make (mention the name of the affected) to experience the most horrible nightmares. Make him suffer what I suffered because of him. So shall it be”.

  • Tear the photograph and burn it and turn off the candle without blowing its flame.
  • Wait for the results in 6 days, if it does not work, you should repeat the process.

Spell to cause impotence

If your partner cheated severally on you then you might want to cast an impotence spell on him.

Necessary materials:

•             A vial containing your urine collected early in the morning. 

•             Role of magazines or newspapers

•             Matches

•             An underwear of the man


  • Get up from your sleep and take a urine test and put it in a properly covered bottle.
  • Go outside your house and set a bonfire with the newspaper.
  • Write your target’s name on the underwear.
  • Throw the underwear into the flames and burn it. As you burn, imagine that your ex has lost his erection and ability to enjoy intimacy.  
  • Add your urine and combine it with the rest of the materials that are on fire.
  • Once all consumed, collect ashes and other remnants that have been left to bury in the garden of your home. You can also bury it inside a large pot with enough soil.
  • The outcome can be seen throughout the current month.

Finally, in order to get successful results, you must carry out these spells under the appropriate conditions and you must have faith that it would work. For some persons, the results come immediately while for others, it could take some time.



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