How To Perform A Love Sweetening Ritual With Honey and Cinnamon


Love sweetening rituals are performed to enhance and strengthen the love that exits between the couple. These rituals help to prevent misunderstanding, fights, infidelity and other issues that might arise in the relationship.

Cinnamon is a natural aphrodisiac.  Due to its indispensable seductive aroma, it has become a common element used in love moorings.  It has a very strong energy that enhances the feelings between two people.

How To Perform A Love Sweetening Ritual With Honey and Cinnamon

Items Needed:

  • Two red candles
  • A little white cloth ribbon
  • A toothpick
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Matches
  • A white plate

The first thing to do is take the toothpick and write on the candles. On one of them, you will write the full name of your partner, from the wick to the base. On the other, you will do the same with your name.

Then take the white cloth ribbon and tie the candles with it. You should give it three laps and make three knots.

Once the candles are securely fastened together, you should rub them with honey. Think of your partner while you do it. Keep in mind what you like most about these people, the things that make you happy to be with them, focus on the love you have for them.

Then take the cinnamon and spread it by the candles, so that it covers most of them.

With the candles ready, covered with honey and cinnamon, put them in the middle of the plate. If necessary, melt a little of the base to stick them. They should be stopped right in the center.

When they are firm, turn them on and while they are burning, come back to visualize yourself happy with your partner. Once done, repeat the following spell three times:

“By the power of true love, I invoke the energy of the earth and fire

So that its creative and renewing energy will make love bloom again in the heart of (mention your partner’s full name)

And let fire bind our hearts as if they were one.

May this creative force accompany us every day and strengthen our union to last forever.

So be it.”

When you have finished reciting the spell, let the candles burn completely then bury the waste.

Cinnamon and Sugar for Love Attraction

This ritual can be performed to attract a separated or estranged partner.

Items Needed:

  • Pure ground cinnamon
  • Cinnamon stick (7 sticks)
  • 1 red candle of a human figure (depending on the sex of the person we wish to recover)
  • Unrefined pure brown sugar
  • 1 metal bowl
  • Tangerine essential oil
  • Red rope


Add two tablespoons of ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 10 milliliters of mandarin essential oil into the metal bowl.

Mix well with your fingers then start smearing the mixture to the human figure candle. Ensure that the candle is completely smeared with the mixture.

Go around the candle with the 7 sticks of cinnamon at the bottom of it. Once this is done, at the foot of the figure, tie them with the red rope and make 2 knots. That is, one for each of the couple.

Light the candle with a wooden match and make you request. You can recite:

May the strength of the cinnamon, the sweetness of the sugar and the power of the mandarin,

Bring you to me forever, 

May  love bind us with its all-powerful ties. “

Let the candle burn and when it is completely burnt, throw the remnants into flowing sea, river, drain, and so on. The strength of the rituals with cinnamon and sugar can be very effective as results might show up immediately.



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