The Magical Uses of Flowers


Magic is an art with the ability to achieve extraordinary effects by natural means that cannot be explained. It requires the power of our concentration, effort, will and energy to achieve its purpose. Magic is an interesting art which shouldn’t be abused. We already know that Nature is very wise and will always return to us whatever we do, whether good or bad.

Candles, incenses, flowers, plants … are very useful means to practice magic. On many occasions without realizing it we all practice magic. For example; lighting a candle or a certain incense, burning essential oil, having a pot of flowers at home without knowing their influences, can lead to an involuntary magical event that we are not able to relate. That is why we are going to explain magic with flowers and the effects that we can achieve through its use.

Magical Uses of Different Flowers

Each flower has its spiritual bond with the Earth, Fire, Air and Water elements. The red flowers are related to Fire, the white to Earth, the yellow to Air and the violet to Water. The capacities they possess are released by their aroma which can affect us naturally on either a physical or spiritual level.  That’s why we should take into account the aroma of the air freshener that we use at home, the perfume or the incenses that we use.

Below are some of the magical uses of flowers

Saffron: This flower is one of the first you will see during spring, and is often associated with the new bloom of love. Saffron is also used to improve vision and achieve intuitive dreams.


Narcissus helps to promote polarity and harmony. Its tranquilizing vibration helps us to achieve tranquility and inner peace. The bright narcissus petals are typically found in shades of orange, white, yellow or even pale. This flower is associated with love and fertility. You can place it in the cool places of your home to attract abundance, love and luck.

Lavender flowers

Lavender produces freshness, cleanliness and brings feelings of honesty and openness. This lovely plant has different uses. Externally, the flowers purify the skin and stimulate surface circulation. A handful of lavender flowers in the bath water is invigorating and purifying. It is good to fight headache, faintness and dizziness.

The Verbena

Its perfume is fruity and warm. It is called the aroma of peace. It transmits tranquility. It is very frequent to see its flowers on the altars. It is used to attract positive spirits and ward off negative ones.


This lush flower, incites passion and can be used to attract love or lust, or prophetic dreams about your lover. You can burn it in an incense, or carry in a bag. The red flowers of the hibiscus are used in marriage ceremonies.

The Sunflower:

The sunflower brings joy and desire to live. It promotes optimism and love for people. It can also help an individual to make money in a lawful way.

St. John’s wort :

Its perfume is very enveloping, disinfects and cleans the environment. It connects us with the moon and the earth, therefore, it opens our intuition. It is used a lot in rituals because it takes away negative influences and attract positive ones.


From ancient times lily was associated with purity and virtue. In ancient Greece, this flower was given a more earthly meaning. The lily was the flower dedicated to Hera, the mother goddess of heaven. The white lily symbolizes the spiritual life. Keep it close when you feel the need to rise above the bonds and worries of daily life.


In Roman mythology, the violet first arose from the blood of the god Attis. According to this myth, wherever Attis’ blood touched the Earth, violets sprang forth. Violet is associated with tranquility and peace. This flower offers protection against evil, and can be sewn into a pillow. You can use its petals to improve luck and magic of the night.


Used in spells of love and harmony. Roses planted in the garden will attract fairies. Rose petals scattered around the house will calm stress and reduce the agitation in the home.



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