Rituals To Perform with Pink Candles

Finding love and maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse, family and friends are the main rituals performed with pink candles. This color represents love, harmony, joy, beauty, morality, friendship, sex and fidelity. On the other hand, it also represents vanity and self-love.

This color is associated with the goddess of love named Venus and due to its link with this goddess, it has been used since ancient times to protect couples. Below are some simple rituals you can perform with this candle. 

Rituals with pink candles for the couple’s love

This ritual is done so that the couple’s relationship is much stronger and resistant to any problem that may arise. Place two candles on an oval table – inside the room in which they sleep – with a photograph of the couple. Light the candles for a whole month, every night. When they burn out, replace them until the one-month duration has elapsed.

To calm the couple’s jealousy, light a white candle on your side of the bed, spend 20 minutes, turn it off by blowing and then light a pink candle and make a request for your partner to trust you.

Ritual with pink candles to find the love of your life

Take a rose quartz and purify it by introducing it in water and salt for a couple of hours. Then let it dry in the sunlight for 24 hours. Place the quartz next to the pink candle and light it then repeat the following sentence:

“Rose quartz of love, I ask that love is always by my side …”

Ritual with pink candles to heal relationships

Light 3 pink candles and three white candles in a place that your friends visit frequently.  If this is not possible, do it in the room where you receive visitors. Spread an essence of roses in the air and think of the friends you want to recover. Make a mental prayer for your reconciliation and extinguish the candles with the tap of a flower in bud.

Rituals with pink candles to feel better.

It often happens that you may feel bad about yourself because of low self-esteem. Pink candles can also help in these cases, as they represent the beautiful female deity, Aphrodite. To do this ritual, take a mirror and place your photograph on the side. In front, light two pink candles, then look at the mirror and repeat how beautiful you are. It may be difficult at first, if you have felt very bad, but then you will get better.

Repeat: “Aphrodite deity, let me see all the beauty that is in me and the perfect being that I am. Amen”.

Ritual with pink candles to get pregnant

If you want to get pregnant and you have not been able to, this ritual will help you unlock the propitious energies for procreation.On a new moon night, light a pink candle, preferably in the shape of an egg or pregnant woman. Call the moon to grant you the joy of an infant in your life. Burn a small white flower and extinguish the flame with your fingers. During the next 7 days have sex with your partner without pressure in a place that awakens the passions, preferably painted or decorated in red.

6 days Ritual to Find Love:

On a new moon night or New Year’s Eve, get ready to receive the energies of a new love. Light a pink candle and burn a paper that says “soul mate” . Repeat the ritual for 6 nights with a different candle every day. Light the candles again in the places you frequent most to enhance the spell.

Ritual to heal family relationships

In a transparent container or tray, place two large pink candles that will symbolize the mother and father, and smaller ones for each of your children. Place them on the dining table all day and night and let the family eat at the dining table while the candles are burning. This would harmonize the family members and revive the family love.


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