The Red Wallet Ritual to Attract Money

Have you ever wondered why some people take up four jobs and work tirelessly around the clock? I have met some people who work even when they are feeling sick. They work to get the money because money makes the world go around.

Do you know that you can actually make money without going through so much stress? All you need to achieve this, is a magical red wallet that would attract continuous flow of money and good luck to you. With this spell of red magical wallet, you would be able to pay off your debts, fees and eradicate poverty from your home.

How to Perform the Red Wallet Ritual to Attract Money

Items needed:

  • A red purse or wallet
  • Incense,  sage or holy wood,
  • Sacred or symbolic Images of abundance,
  • A money note
  • One golden coin
  • A silver coin
  • Nutmeg
  • A small piece of magnet
  • 7 grains of rice
  • 7 grains of corn
  • 7 grains of coarse salt


1.            Get a red purse or wallet. If you don’t have any you can create one using any material of your choice. Just ensure that it is red in color.

2.            You can engrave, draw or paint any symbol on your red wallet. You can make a dollar sign or draw a Fehu rune.

3.            Light your incense: sage preferably.

4.            Pass the wallet through the smoke and let it permeate to the interiors.

The next thing to do would be to put the following items into the purse;

► Place the grains of rice in it, then the corn grains over it. In another compartment, add the grains of salt, the piece of magnet, the neatly folded money note, the two gold and silver coins, the nutmeg. Get yourself a small nutmeg for comfort.

►Use glue to close the flaps of your wallet, then add symbols and images of prosperity to the purse.  You can also call on your personal gods to assist you in the ritual.

► Once everything is placed in your wallet, pass it again through the incense smoke and during this process, meditate on your intentions.

Finally, keep the purse in a safe place. Note that only one money note should be kept in this purse and you can replace the old note with another at least once in a month. Meanwhile, the old note must not be used to purchase anything, instead you should give out to those in need. This way the flow of money would remain constant.

►The rest of the items in the wallet shouldn’t be touched or changed, except the grains of salt. Whenever you change the money note, also change the 7 grains of salt. The purpose of the salt being there is to absorb all negative energy, cancel it and transform it into positive energy.



This ritual should be performed on Thursday during a quarter waning moon. The perfect time is from midnight to noon. Also, this spell isn’t a spell to become a millionaire, instead it ensures that you have constant prosperity and that you are able to pay all your bills.

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