There are many homemade magic tricks used to solve problems. Most of these tricks were passed down from our grand ancestors. Although over time some have been forgotten, there are still others that have remained valid and are still as effective as they were back then.

In today’s article, we shall take a look at some of the magical tricks that are very effective for attracting success, love, peace and luck into one’s life.


  • Stick a magnet to the vacuum cleaner, better if it is on the tip of the tube so that it absorbs the negativity of the house and acts as a cleaner for family tensions.


  • Tie to the cleaning brush or broom, a bunch of herbs like rue, laurel, rosemary, or others that you know its properties can symbolically clean the air of the house and the corners, eliminating disputes or discomforts.


  • Sweeping the air with the broom while the door of the house is open will remove all those problems in the home. It is a way to make the problems and difficulties move from the door to the outside and after this, success and good luck will fill your home.


  • To appease family tensions and calm unpleasant situations, place a few ice cubes into the container with which you mop the floor. Then proceed to clean the house, from the back to the front door.


  • To enhance the couple relationship, take a little perfume and cinnamon powder, and pour it into the water with which you would use to scrub the floor of the bedroom. After doing this, disagreement between the couple would cease.


  • For the problems that have to do with sensuality, add to the cleaning water a cologne of roses, essential oil of roses or better still, a few petals of a red rose so that the passion grows.


  • The freezer is an excellent place to stop things. For example, if someone speaks evil of you then you can freeze the individual to make him stop talking about you.  To do this, fill a glass half full with coarse salt, add water to its brim then put a paper on which you have written the full name of the person you want to freeze. This does not cause harm to anyone, it only stops envy, gossip and resentment that someone may have.


  •  If you consider that someone is slandering or insulting you, you can cut a lemon in half, make a small cut and place inside it a piece of paper with the name of the person who is slandering you. Then leave this half lemon in the freezer so that the gossip returns to the person who is bothering you.


  • Get a jar and fill it with different candies and golden coins. Place it somewhere in your home or office then you can eat the candies whenever you feel like but ensure to replace them too. Keeping this jar with golden coins would help to attract money and luck to you.


  • If you have a sword in your house, it would be ideal to place it on top of the main entrance door of the house. In this way it will form a protective arc and will not let envious or annoying neighbors enter.


  • If you are remodeling or decorating your house, when painting a wall, place a half kilo of sugar in the paint bucket to attract good vibrations to your family.
  • Place a small handful of coarse salt in a corner of your office and this would help you to succeed in your business.


  •   My grandmother said that a cross traced with a charcoal under the bed protects the nocturnal visit of evil entities.


  •  For insomnia issues, cross a pair of shoes under the bed.


  •  To have vivid dreams, full of psychic content and answers, you must place under the sheets some dried petals of a poppy.


  •  A pot of basil or rue in the home will always tell us if the home is clean or has negativity because the plants would die without warning.


  • Lentils have been related to money for centuries, but if you want to succeed and have luck then never miss eating lentils on Mondays.


  • Clap loudly two or three times in all corners of your house to move the stagnant energies, then you can steam with a stick of incense to invite new and positive energies.


  • Finally, to cleanse yourself of all the bad energies that sometimes invade you, fill the bathtub of your house and add a kilo of common coarse salt. Immerse yourself for a while quietly and silently. You will see that within a few minutes things will acquire a new perspective and you will be filled with optimism.


I hope these little homemade magic tricks work for you. They are very easy to put into practice at any time you need it. Blessings for all!


Written by: Tiziana Prado

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