The Maneki Neko is a very popular fortune cat that is well known in the Asian culture. It is often found in almost every store in Japan because of its ability to attract money to its owner. There are several stories about the origin of Maneki neko cat. The widespread legend says that the Maneki neko was born in Japan and was owned by a humble monk who lived in a small monastery with little resources.

One day, a heavy storm arose in the area and on that day, there was a rich man who was walking on foot and due to the stormy weather, he decided to shield himself by standing under a tree in front of the monastery.

At that moment, the door of the monastery opened and the monk’s kitten appeared, then it raised his paws and beckoned at the man to come over.  Wet and curious, the man obeyed the call of the cat, and left the tree to enter the holy place.

As soon as he reached the threshold of the monastery, lightning struck the tree where the man had been standing, turning it into ash. Astonished, the rich man donated part of his fortune to the monks, in gratitude for the kitten’s signal.

After that incident, the monastery never experienced scarcity again and even when the kitten died, a figure was created to represent and honor its memory.

The Colors of Maneki Neko Cat

A white Maneki neko is very common in Japan. This color is said to attract good luck. Other colors used include:

  • Green (health, safety, studies);
  • Blue (dreams fulfilled);
  • Red (protection);
  • Black (banish negativity);
  • Pink (love);
  • Yellow (wealth);
  • Gold or silver (good business);
  • Violet (wisdom).

The Maneki neko statue can be used together with other objects including:

  • The Koban (ancient Japanese currency, symbolizes wealth);
  • A rattle around the neck (to ward off impure spirits);
  • Deck or hammer (to attract money);
  • Crab fish (abundance);
  • An account or crystal ball (wisdom);
  • And a bib (protection for children and the sick).

Where can you buy Maneki Neko?

If you are thinking of buying one of these good luck cats, you can get them from Chinese stores. After making a purchase, you can place the Maneki neko with its front view facing the house or office entrance. This is to enable it work effectively. Some Maneki Neko’s have a slot in the back as if they were a child’s piggybank. Make a wish and place a few coins within as amulet activation.





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