The Magical Uses of the Odin Stone

A witch stone or Odin stone, is a rock of any kind that has a natural hole caused by water current. This powerful stone is usually irregular in shape, or rounded and full of holes. It is also said that the holes are caused by snakes too. They are usually found in streams, rivers or along the seashore.

If an individual finds this stone coincidently while walking along the way, then it would be more powerful and effective.

The Magical Uses of the Odin Stone

These stones can be tied with either a yarn, wool or red rope. You can hang it on the following places:

  • Around the neck as an amulet.
  • On the headboard of the bed to protect a person from nightmares.
  • On the door of the farm for the protection of animals.
  • Place it on the stomach, to calm stomach pains.
  • On the necks of camels to protect them from evil spirits and the evil eye.
  • On the deck of the ships for safety purpose.
  • Place it on a person’s hand to make him/her to say the truth.
  • They are good stones used for making wishes. Place it in the palm of the non-dominant hand and then rub it with the thumb of the dominant hand in a clockwise direction. Do this while focusing on your intention and your requests shall be granted.
  • In the car to avoid accidents and breakdowns.
  • At your work place, to prevent envy and ward off the evil eye.

Going further

The Ancient Druids in Europe, used these stones for healing purposes. When passed through the body of a sick person, the stone absorbs the illness from the body through its holes. It is also believed that the holes in the witches’ stone were small doors that open into the other world. Possession of these stones can enhance the user’s psychic and divinatory abilities, as it enables one to see non-physical and elementary entities.

Also, it serves as a portal through which you can invite and activate positive energies while expelling negative ones. However, you must know how to open and manage the portal before trying it out.

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