The Witch and Her Spirit Animal

Have you been able to identify your spirit animal? According to the teachings in Shamanism, every human being has animals that are like spiritual guides. They can protect and guide you throughout your life journey. For others, these animals serve as counselors that guide them through the right path.

These spirit animals can change according to our needs, that is to say that they can spend some time with us then disappear until we need them again. No matter what your spiritual animal means to you, identifying it in your life can help you understand your Higher self in a better and deeper level.

It is also possible that we have several spirit animals at the same time depending on our present needs. How would you identify your spirit animal? If you are a little familiar with astrology, then you must be aware of your zodiac sign. However, several astrological signs can relate to different areas of our life. One of these areas says that your spirit animal is based on your zodiac sign.

There are many ways to discover your spirit animal; whether it’s through a dream, meditation, observing nature or other means. Keep in mind that you are likely to develop a relationship with several spirit animals that will guide you through the different phases of your life.

The following are the different ways to identify your spirit animals.

Dreaming of animals:

We often do not give dreams the importance they should be given. Meanwhile, most times there are hidden messages in our dreams. If, for example, you often dream of a parrot and soon after you meet a parrot, it is more than likely that the parrot is your spirit animal of the moment.

When you always see a particular animal:

If you are always seeing a particular animal everywhere you go then that could be your spirit animal. Note that, the fact that you see dogs or cats everywhere doesn’t mean that they are your spirit animal because those animals are common but if dragon flies or any other uncommon animals are always crossing your path, or coming to your house, then that animal could be your spiritual guide.

Unexplained connection with animals:

Have you noticed a strong attraction to a particular animal? On some occasions you might feel that a particular animal is chasing you. For example; on your birthday, you were offered a stuffed owl gift, then in the evening, when you turned on the TV, the first thing you saw was a documentary on owls. Before going to bed, a friend sent you a funny photo of an owl and the next morning, on your roof you still saw an owl. All these could be a sign that the animal is connected to you.

Meditate to know your spirit animal:

Another way to find out about your spirit animal is through meditation. Sit in a quiet place and meditate with full concentration. An easy way to call your protective animal during meditation is to imagine yourself in the middle of a forest and in the middle of a protective stone circle. Then mentally ask your spirit animal to appear. Without too much delay, you should see an animal appear, it will be your spirit animal of the moment or one of those who will guide you for a period of your lifetime.

How to Summon Your Spirit Animal

Sometimes, your spirit animal could appear on its own when it feels that you need its assistance but other times, you will need to summon it to appear. To call on your spirit animal, light some candles and incense. Once you have prepared everything, free your mind of any distraction and with your eyes closed, focus on the spirit you want to invoke.

Every animal has particular characteristics that can empower and enhance your magical works. Before you can control these creatures, you must understand the energies associated with them.

Below are examples of energies associated with some spirit animals:

Alligator – Strength

Ant – Industriousness

Antelope – Speed

Bat – Intuition

Bear – Knowledge – healing

Beaver – Beginnings

Bee – Co-operation – community

Bird – Rising above – freedom

Butterfly – Transformation – love – balance

Cougar – Leadership

Coyote – Quick thinking

Crane – Balance – dignity

Crow – Resourcefulness – magic

Deer – Wisdom – peace

Dog – Loyalty

Dolphin – Communication – harmony

Dragonfly – Creativity – skill

Eagle – Power – healing

Firefly – Illumination

Fox – Cleverness – discretion

Frog – Peace – love – healing

Goat – Diligence

Hawk – Awareness – honesty

Hedgehog – Protection

Horse – Transformation – change

Hummingbird – Beauty – movement

Lizard – Releasing

Loon – Communication – serenity

Mouse – Illusion – charm – charisma

Otter – Joy – balance – uplifting

Owl – Wisdom – healing – insight

Peacock – Self-assurance

Pelican – Abundance – fortune

Porcupine – Humility

Quail – Group harmony

Rabbit – Overcoming – protection – luck

Ram – Determination

Raven – Mystical exploration

Salmon – Persistence

Seagull – Freedom

Seahorse – Nourishing

Seal – Tranquility

Snail – Perseverance

Snake – Power – protection

Spider – Connection

Squirrel – Honesty

Swan – Nurturing

Turtle – Knowledge – healing

Whale – Intuition

Wolf – Loyalty

Having a spirit animal is like having a guardian angel. They present themselves to whoever that seeks them. When you have understood the archetypal energies associated with each creature, it would enable you to know the particular spirit animal to summon when performing your magical rituals.



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