The Serpent as a Spirit Animal

Snakes (Serpentes) or ophidians (Ophidia) are a suborder of Sauropsid (reptiles) diapsids characterized by the absence of legs and the very elongated body. They originated in the Cretaceous period.

Some possess poisonous bites, such as cobras and snakes, which they use to kill their prey before eating them up. Other snakes, such as boas and pythons, kill their prey by constriction. There are about 456 genera and more than 2,900 species that are recognized. It is probably one of the best known and most feared carnivorous reptiles in the world.

Snakes are known for their ability to get rid of their old and new scales every time. This means that it is necessary to leave behind everything that is limiting your spiritual growth.

Those who have the serpent as a Spirit Animal tend to understand that in life, sometimes, it is necessary to leave behind the past and move on stronger than ever. This includes; abandoning bad habits, negative thoughts, harmful attitudes, toxic people, etc…. Everything that does not do us any good, does not deserve to be part of our future project.

The Serpent as a Spirit Animal:

Since the beginning of civilization, the Serpent is widely represented in relation to the earth, water and fertilizing powers. It is the creative force of life, the Kundalini energy. The Serpent as a Spirit Animal teaches all feminine things, holds power and wisdom, and is a good instructor.

The following are the other impacts it makes:

  • -It gives you a natural ability to balance energies (most likely a gifted healer).
  • -It teaches you diplomacy and eloquence in the areas of speech and writing.
  • -It gives you the spirit of intuition.
  • It teaches you to be impulsive, but at the same time, compassionate towards others.

Going Further

The serpent connects the worlds magically, and becomes the symbol of the infinite rebirth. Snakes give us the power to be cunning, to embrace change and continuity. On the other hand, in their wisdom, they stimulate our creative energy, psychic perception, initiatory knowledge, detachment and transmutation, the elemental force of life and the transmutation of energy.

The serpent is a very important totem, and it gives faith to the countless cultures where it is part of myths and legends. This totem has been used by almost all shamans, druids, priests, magicians and sorcerers to travel to the underworlds.

The Serpent as a Spirit Animal teaches us that we are a universal and sacred being that are interconnected. We are part of a microcosm such as a culture or an ecosystem, and also part of a large macrocosm that includes all living beings.

The Serpent as a Spirit Animal takes us back to the birth of the world, to the moment when everything was new and there was great potential for change and progress. It reminds us that we are not so far from our primitive beginnings and it helps us to understand the power that we have to change our own world.

The healing power of the Serpent represents the power of creation, because it encompasses sensuality, psychic energy, alchemy, reproduction and ascent (or immortality).

Prayer To the Spiral Serpent

The snake is usually represented by circles and spirals. The meaning of these symbols is very important. Both are very sacred images in many cultures. The circle itself is a symbolism of several layers, which indicates the soul, the world, the inner world, among many other things. Spirals also show us paths inside or outside, which show that our energy is constantly moving in a spiral.

Below is a prayer to the Spiral Serpent and an introduction to a conversation that must arise from our interior with the deities that surround us.

Always changing, always turning
Always drawing, always opening
Spiral of mystic course
take us to the nucleus.
You tour and you go to infinity
until you get very deep,
Serpent that you change the rite
three times three and here is the center.
We change our old skin
We lose fear and we forget the damage
Serpent, dance the cult dance
While you draw the magic of the circle.

This prayer that invokes the powers and wisdom of the spiral serpent must be performed in conjunction with white magic spells to increase its power and effectiveness.

With your imagination, you should awaken the snake’s power of enchantment as this would serve as a tool to connect to the possibility of discovering the hidden treasures of the snakes. Take advantage of this period to free yourself from your bonds, your attachments and begin to flow in the Magic of Nature and becoming sensitive to the invisible.


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