The Meaning of Colors Seen In Dreams

While giving an interpretation to dreams, the colors seen in the dream can aid you in understanding the message that is being delivered. Below are some meanings associated with different colors that might be seen in dreams.

Black and white:
A black and white dream reveals your inability to be creative and smart. This could be due to an attachment to the past which prevents you from following the path to success.

Yellow color:
Dreams with yellow colors mean that you have confidence in yourself and in your ability. However, it can also serve as a warning that you might encounter obstacles.

Golden color:
It is the supernatural color, the essence of the divine spirit, spiritual openness, wisdom and knowledge. It represents royalty, the spirit of money, wealth, and strength. This color reinforces energy and self-confidence. It balances the mind and opens it to innovative ideas.

White color
If you see white colors in your dreams, it shows that you are a reliable person, with a lot of energy and vitality. People can trust in you. White color symbolizes: purity, innocence, peace, perfection, dignity, wisdom and creativity.

The gray color in dreams is related to a period of transition. If it’s light gray, it represents peace. If it is darker, it represents fear, confusion, depression and illness.

Silver color
It is related to the spiritual part of the moon. It is the symbol of femininity and protective energies. It also represents the mind, balance, peace, harmony, sensitivity, independence, justice and purity.

It is the color of transmutation, of physical, spiritual and mental changes. It indicates great creativity and an understanding of visible and invisible things. A purple color dream indicates that it is time for us to cleanse ourselves of the old things and evolve into something new.

Fuchsia color
It is your connection with your spirituality and your meditation. It means that you are emotionally ready for changes and evolution.

Brown color
This colors in dreams represent freedom, success, money, prosperity, well-being, quality of life, happiness and lasting relationships.

The orange color in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life. It also indicates hope, friendship, social life and being extroverted.

his is an isolation and a transition period. It represents conflicts and problems with relatives and friends. It also represents the unknown, the subconscious, darkness, death, and evil.

Red color
t indicates a great passion and sensitivity in your emotional relationships. It also represents strength, energy, courage, aggression, power, danger, shame, and sexual impulses. When you see red colors in your dreams, then it is time to have a sober reflection.

Pink color
The pink color is associated with tenderness, love, sweetness, happiness, affection and sympathy. It provides interesting events related to the opposite sex.

Turquoise Color
It usually indicates new opportunities and the successful conclusion of projects. It is a sign of good luck, because it is related to the sun, fire and the male power. It represents the healing power and natural energy.

Green color
This is a sign of growth, maturity, serenity, hope, fertility and independence. It can also mean that there are projects in your life that excite you and that you get great pleasure from simple things.

Blue Color
On the spiritual level, it means that you will be more open to spirituality, purity, eternity, wisdom, loyalty, and to clarity of ideas. On the earthly plane, it means that you are not achieving your desires, and there are obstacles you must overcome.

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