The Spiritual Symbols of The Bees

According to Moses Rusden, bees are creatures full of wonders: not completely tame nor absolutely wild, but a bit of both. According to an ancient spiritual tradition, bees were a gift from Venus. The function of Venus is to bring sweetness, union, beauty, harmony, to earthly life. Through the sign of Libra, Venus gives us union with others, and through Taurus, Venus gives us sensuality, flowers and earthly enjoyment.

All the products of bees have always been appreciated for their healing and nutritional virtues since they transmit to us the same energy of Venus.
Bees are a symbol of fertility and teamwork. Its honeycomb has a hexagonal shape which symbolizes the heart. No animal is a better example of the power of a community than the bee.

Each bee in a hive has a specific function that it will perform even if that means giving up its life. The bee connects us with sweetness. They know how to be defensive and work for the common good.

Bees are strongly associated with fertility because they are the element that carries the reproductive pollen from one plant to fertilize another. They are also associated with abundance.

The Bee and Its Habitat

The bee is associated with the number 6, it has six legs, and its abdomen is divided into six segments. The hexagon is the geometric figure in which you can inscribe the six-pointed star, a symbol of the macrocosm, the divine and the spiritual.

The Bees Hive community is perfectly expressed in roles and status. The cells of the hives and their nests are formed from a geometric hexagonal shape considered as a symbol of the sweetness of the heart. All bees from everywhere build their combs in their hives at specific measurement intervals.

Bees see ultraviolet light and can distinguish between polarized and unpolarized light, an ability that man does not possess. Thousands of bees who coexist in their hives are still able to live in an orderly manner which makes it evident that they have a “language” or mutual system of understanding. It is believed that they perform certain dances that reveal in an exact way to their hive companions the kind of flowers they have found, in which direction they are and the distance between their findings and the hive.

The Bee as a Spirit Animal:

When a bee totem appears to you, it evaluates your activities and teaches you how to complete a task. It can also be a very sweet companion who teaches its companion how to put outside his self-desires and focus on contributing to the growth of the community. The bee shares its power with the witch and teaches her to give without expecting anything in return.

The Bee is an animal whose symbolism represents many qualities which include:

  • ·Productivity
  • ·The effectiveness in working as a team
  • ·Organization
  • ·Prosperity
  • ·Concentration

As a powerful spirit animal, the bee shows great wisdom which includes:

·Connection to the Goddess Artemis / Diana.

·Understanding the feminine energy of the warrior.


·Communication with the dead.

·Anticipate future needs.

·Giving without expecting anything in return.

·The ability to give up everything just for the benefit of others.

The bee has played an important role in all traditions. In Eleusis and Ephesus, the priestesses bore the name of bees. The bees occupy an initiatory and liturgical role. We find them drawn on the tombs, as signs of post mortality survival.

The bee is indeed one of the symbols of resurrection. The three months in winter season during which it seems to disappear can be related to the three days period during which the body of Jesus Christ was invisible after his death, before appearing again. In Greek religion, the bee symbolizes the soul descended in the shadows and preparing for the return: it is sometimes identified with Demeter. According to Plato, the bee also symbolizes eloquence, poetry and intelligence.

Dreaming of Bees

In general, dreaming about bees is a good omen, since it represents work and industriousness. Bees traditionally represent immortality, rebirth, and the natural order. Through a connection with a great mother, the hive in dreams usually represents eloquence and openness.

Other interpretations of dreams of bees include:

  • ·Dreaming of bees is a good omen, because it indicates close successes in your work and in all the issues that are being handled. To dream of killing one or more bees implies that you will have several setbacks.
  • ·Dreaming of being bitten by bees suggests that you will suffer damages from someone you trust. Dreaming of eating honey bees insinuate present and future prosperity.
  • ·If surrounded by bees in your dreams, it indicates that you are being surrounded by people of good behavior.
  • ·Dreaming of wasps instead of bees indicates being surrounded by negative people who are planning to hurt you.
  • ·Dreaming of bees on a flower is a symbol of growing love.
  • ·If you see bees in your house but they don’t seem to generate any threat then that is a sign of an incoming good news.
  • ·Dreaming of bees that deposit their honey somewhere in our house is a sign of prosperity, abundance and misfortune for our rivals.
  • ·Dreaming of a queen bee symbolizes our need to feel or be superior in some way. We may be feeling the need to be assisted by others to achieve our goals.
  • ·As a symbol in dreams, bees can represent something that should be feared or avoided.
  • ·To dream that you were bitten by a bee is in many cases a warning signal.
  • ·Being attacked by a swarm of bees indicates that we are creating a situation that can become uncontrollable.
  • ·The hive usually symbolizes an orderly, organized community with the ability to deal with and absorb chaos.


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