16 Magical Tricks You Need To Try Out in 2019

As we get ready to wrap up 2018 and welcome 2019, there are many plans you might have made for the New Year. Let’s assume that 2018 wasn’t a perfect year for you due to the numerous challenges and bad lucks you had to face.

Do you know that some simple traditions such as eating lentils, wearing yellow underwear on its reverse side and putting money inside a shoe can attract good fortune to you in the new year? Well, you can make your new year a wonderful one only if you decide to practice the following simpleand magical practices.

1. Wear a yellow underwear:

Wear  your yellow underwear, on its reverse side before it is 12 o’clock and after this time you can remove it and wear it correctly. This practice is said to bring good luck to our lives. If your intention is to attract love then you can perform this ritual using red underwear.

2. White clothing is powerful:   

Wear white clothes, as it symbolizes cleanliness and purity. It serves to eliminate all the bad energies, conflicts, and problems from the last year and helps you to start the new year in a purified way.

Do you feel sick? Would you like to stay protected from all kinds of illnesses in the new year? Then as much as possible you should always dress in white. Aside from the angelic look you get from this clothing, it can also help you to ward off illnesses.

3. Eat Lentils:

Eating a spoonful of cooked lentils will bring prosperity to you in the new year.

4. Embrace someone at midnight:

Embracing a person of the opposite sex at midnight will bring you good luck in love and maybe help you to find your better half.

5. Do you have a suitcase?

Have you applied for a visa and got rejected? Do you desperately wish you could travel to another country? If yes, then I have a solution for you. Going around with a suitcase in hand at 12:00 AM will help you to make that pending trip you have desired for a long time.

6. Exchange clothes with your partner:

This is a good practice if you want to strengthen the relationship and remain united in the new year.

7. The Shoe Trick:

Place a ticket in your right shoe, it will help you to have economic prosperity. Another trick is to put 13 coins and a garlic clove in your wallet.

8. Doors and Windows Trick:

On new year’s eve, open all the doors of your house at midnight, to let go of the old year and let the new one come in with great abundance of blessings. To cleanse the house of bad energies, you should sweep it with a broom from the door to the street. 

Write on a piece of paper the bad things present in your life and after midnight burn it so that it does not happen again, this is a good option to eliminate the negative.

Clean a mirror and hang it behind the entrance door to prevent the passage of bad energy and envy in your home.  Throw coins to the floor of the entrance door to attract money.

9. The Blessings that come through gifts:             

Give something symbolic to a loved one. It can be something as simple as a bay leaf. This will bring success to the person in 2019. You can give away objects with figures of animals such as elephants, pigs or sheep , this will bring good luck.

10. The Water Trick

If you want to remove all the negativity and pains in your life, then at midnight you must throw a glass of water from the house to the street.  Take a bath with seven white roses to cleanse any bad energy and for the success of your projects.

11. Turn On the Lights

At 00.00 AM, you must turn on all the lights of the house, so that it attracts abundance and success to your homethroughout the year.

12. The Staircase

Climbing up a chair or a staircase will make the next year to always rise. While descending from the chair, always use your right foot, so as to reinforce good luck.

13. The Grape Ritual:

Get 12 grapes and a bell. At the sound of the bell, eat one grape and make a wish. Repeat this step until you have finished eating all the grapes. This practice would attract good luck to you.

14. The Candle Trick

Lighting a white candle attracts goodluck. Try to keep it on throughout 31st night.

15. The Salt Trick

Do not forget to fill the salt pantry as this is a sign of abundance for the next year. In a bucket with water place a handful of coarse salt and clean your house from the inside to outside to eliminate bad energies.

16. Do not owe:

The last magical trick you should practice is:  do NOT start the year owing money, because if you do, then you will be destined to have bad fortune in all the remaining months. So instead of owing, only purchase what you can afford.

As you practice any of these tricks, I hope that your desires are granted. Wishing you a Happy Yuletide Celebration.


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