Magical Spells to get Pregnant

If you are at a time in your life where getting pregnant is all you want and you have tried several unsuccessful means to get a baby, I will show you some spells to cast in order to conceive a baby. It has worked for many people and would work for you too.

In the Yoruba tradition, Oshun is the goddess of love, marriage, fertility and gold. She is considered to be the Aphrodite of Cuba and Africa who lives in the waters. Oshun is invoked by couples experiencing issues with child bearing.

Ritual One:

During your most fertile time (usually 2 days before, during and after ovulation), light 9 white candles in your bedroom. Put them around your bed. Sit or stand naked with your partner facing north and repeat the following:

“With only one mind, we call you.

With one heart, we long for you

Child of Earth, Wind, Fire and Sea,

In our lives, we welcome”

Turn east, then south, then west, repeating this incantation every time you make a turn. Afterwards, you can have sex and believe you would conceive. Repeat this spell for 5 nights before intercourse.

Ritual Two

Spells with egg to get pregnant:

Items Required:

  • An egg with brown or pink shell
  • Green pencil or pen
  • Flower pot
  • Earth
  • Seeds of grass or grass
  • Water

This spell works through effective and associative magic. The egg and green color of pen represent fertility.


  • Using the green pen, decorate the egg with sun, moon, cross, and feminine symbols.
  • Bury the egg in a pot full of dirt.
  • Cultivate grass seeds on the surface.
  • Water the plant steadily for nine weeks.
  • When the grass has grown cut it then tie a handful with thread, giving it nine turns in total.
  • Place this handful of grass on your bed until you are able to conceive.


Ritual Three:

While you are trying to conceive you can wear a pregnancy bracelet or Yemaya necklace to attract positive energy. Also, place a Rose of Jericho plant in a bowl of water in your house then sprinkle the water around your house. It helps to remove negative influences and serves as a symbol of fertility.

Rose quartz, fluorite, moonstone, aventurine are fertility crystals that can be worn during the most fertile part of your cycle while calling out to the goddesses of fertility to grant the desires of your heart.

Orisha Yemaya is the goddess of the ocean who gives life and support to her worshippers. This mother of the sea works together with Oshun. When you call upon Oshun for a child, she will get you pregnant but at some point in a pregnancy, Yemaya will take over. Children given by these goddesses are often beautiful and attractive.

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