How to Perform Egg Cleansing Rituals

An egg is a symbol of life and when it is fertilized it contains the necessary elements that enhance growth and development of the embryo. The egg serves as a gateway into a new life and in the spiritual world it serves as an effective element that is used to absorb bad energies, dense energies, psychic or spiritual negativity. In the spiritual realm, these types of energies are usually contrary to the growth and development of life.

The energetic cleanings with eggs are classic rituals performed especially in Latin America. They are used to ward off the evil eye of jealousy and negative intentions toward you.

There are different eggs cleansing rituals you can perform so you should choose the one you like most.  Egg cleansing rituals can be done any day, but it is recommended that you perform it during a waning moon because that is the right time to eliminate bad energies.

Below are examples of the different egg cleaning rituals you could perform.

Ritual One

Egg Ritual to Cleanse Negative Energy


  • 1 white candle
  • 1 fresh chicken egg
  • 1 glass cup with water
  • A pinch of sea salt or coarse salt


  • Light the white candle,
  • Take the egg with your right hand,
  • Make small circles from your head to feet, without touching your skin with the egg,
  • Remember to pass it all over your body without forgetting any part,
  • Break and pour the egg into a glass of water then add a pinch of salt,
  • Discard the shell and allow the salt to neutralize the negative charge.
  • Then analyze the contents of the glass.

Note: This ritual should be done in a quiet place and most preferably at night.


Ritual Two

Spiritual cleansing of a sick person

Step 1: Place an egg in each corner of the room, it will discharge the room of dense energy and enable the sick patient to find more rest in his sleep thus relieving the tension and discomfort of his astral state.

Step 2: Place an egg in each of the corners of your bed, this is an extra help and will enhance what has been done previously.

The eggs should be changed every week, but if they break faster it can be due to two reasons. The first may be due to a change in temperature which makes the egg to rot.

The second reason may be that the egg has already absorbed enough negativity and that is why it breaks. Whatever might be the case just replace the egg with another and dispose the former  in a trash.


Ritual Three

Egg ritual to keep your rival away

Items Needed

  • 1 egg white
  • 1 red pen


Cook the egg and wait until it cools. When it is cold, write the name of your loved one and the name of your rival, forming a cross. The next step is to bury the egg in a safe place and make sure no one finds it. Now, you just have to stay patient and wait for the result.


Ritual Four

Egg Cleansing after a Relationship Breakup

After a breakup from a sexual relationship we must know that there is always an astral connection from our genitals that tends to attract us to that individual. Some refer to it as love while others say it is lust. This connection can last for a year and will only weaken as time passes.

If you want to break this type of energetic connection you can rub an egg on the genitals as this will break the existing links or connections.


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