Demonstration of the Creation & release of a Thought Form


1. Sit comfortably.
2. Enter into a deep trance.
3. Keep your eyes closed during this one. When you are completely relaxed, and you can no longer feel your body, you are ready to begin.
4. Now, visualize a beam of light entering your body through the crown of your head and filling your aura.
5. Keeping your eyes closed, visualize this energy streaming from the chakra and forming a ball in front of you.
6. When the energy is sufficiently strong, you can begin to shape it into whatever form will serve your purpose. Visualize what it is you want this creature to do and infuse the creature with it. Keep it simple. Complex and detailed instructions don’t work with thought forms at this early stage of skill.
7. Use a very short phrase, 1-5 words, silently or aloud, keep your eyes closed, and command the creature.
8. Then release it like a bullet shot into the void. It is important that the energy be released in a straight line.

The creature will feed on the emotions of whomever it is sent to. You can even program it to attach itself to another person’s aura.

Thoughtforms can be attached to material objects as well. The can protect or cause damage.

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