My Full Moon Magic Ritual for May 2020

How To Prepare Your Moon Water

Fullmoon is a powerful time for meditation, energy healing and recharging human energy field. History shows that many ancient cultures performed rituals and ceremonies during full moons. The idea is that the fullmoon emits with so much pure energy, that anything it touches is filled with radiance and love.

These days it’s not hard to find a book or a website that’s going to tell you exactly these things. But you’re probably at home thinking, “what can I actually do right now to celebrate the full moon? ”

My coven connects more via online services these days. So many of our rituals are conducted in a way that we personally desire, and in our own homes or spaces. The way I set up a small altar space, or more correctly described as a table that serves as my altar on various magical occasions is as follows for a full moon ritual.

I have something that represents each of the elements. This may change, as my working space is not static. For example I have a living plant, a rocksalt lamp, crystals, candles, and my little incense gadget (water). During the ritual I will light a Tealight and on top of my burner I will burn a herb that I’m feeling most connected to for that evening, but also that relates to moon work. I have created a small list for you below.

I’ll begin by casting a small circle, and by that I only mean that I called to the quarters and I asked for protection while I am performing the ritual.

I sit cross-legged good on a meditation style mat In front of the altar. I’ll also mention that generally I’ll listen to some Celtic style music just to set the pace in the tone. I’ll wait until I can see the moon come across my window. I stare at its beauty, and noticed any differences since the last full moon in its glow. I’ll run my crystals through the incense, and ask that the moon cleanse these on this night – see notes below.

I prepare 2 jar candles, that I will be burning side by side –  one is to ask for abundance, and one is to remove any negativity that is trying to come at me. It kind of goes in tune with the removal of what you don’t want and requesting what you do! I spent some time thinking about what this truly means, what I truly want to remove, what I truly want to block and then I light the candles.

On the last full moon, I was blown away by the intense beauty and so I spend some time in meditation and just enjoying the moment. I feel like sometimes we spend too much time worrying about what we’re doing right or wrong in rituals, and while I had a few other things I thought I could be doing, I was really enjoying just being in that space at that time under the light of the moon.

Fullmoon Correspondences

Fullmoon is the perfect time to focus on

° spiritual growth

° divination

° health & healing

° cleansing & charging

° protection

° luck & prosperity

° career & finances

° love & relationships


  • Silver, Blue, Light Purple, White, Pearl




Clear Quartz



Herbs, Incenses & Oils

Sandalwood, Violet, Cedar, Vanilla, Sage, Jasmine, Dragon’s Blood, Juniper, Wood Betony, Yarrow

Full Moon Rituals for you

Cleansing & Charging crystals

Use the fullmoon to cleanse and charge your crystals and magnify the energies of them. Fullmoon energy is potent with the energy of fullness, abundance, attraction, manifestation, and love. Place crystals on a plate outside or on a windowsill in the light of the fullmoon for general charging. General charging will increase the power of the crystals’ inherent abilities.


Make Moonwater

see How To Prepare Your Moon Water

  • Pick a glass, jar, container to keep and store your water in.
  • On the night of the fullmoon fill your container using filtered or distilled water.
  • Bless the water, express your gratitude for the Moons energy.
  • Place your container outside where the moon can shine into the water all night.
  • If you cannot place it outside, choose a windowsill.
  • The next morning collect the container with the Moonwater, hold and bless it again thanking the Moon for the light and energy, then take your first sip.


Create a Moon Sheild Around you each Full Moon

Shielding is basically creating an energy field around yourself to control and protect you.  Shielding is done by using power to create an energetic bubble around yourself. The first thing to consider when building a magickal shield is the purpose.  You should create a barrier that allows your own energy through unlimited, while offering shielding and protection from outside influences.

Keep your spiritual shield reinforced every full moon, to prevent opening yourself up for negative energy and attacks. This also requires that you frequently cleanse your environment, surroundings, aura, chakras, and mind.


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