Rituals To Perform On a Full Moon Night

Full Moon Ritual

The energies of the Full Moon can bring us a lot. Do not let the powerful energy of the full moon pass by without making use of it. The full moon is perfect for rituals for new beginnings. It is a time to meditate on what we want and plan towards achieving it. Below are some effective rituals that can be performed on a Full Moon Night.

To keep away the negative waves:

In a small container, put coarse salt next to your door on the evening of the Full Moon. Negative waves will be absorbed during the night. The next day throw the salt in the trash and wash the container very well.

Reload your crystals:

For lovers of Lithotherapy, enjoy a night of Full Moon and use it to recharge your crystals. Put them out in the light of the Full Moon.

To Strengthen Your Relationship

Place your photograph and that of your spouse (portrait) in a small plastic bag surrounded by a red ribbon. Leave the bag closed during the whole phase of the Full Moon (ascent and descent). Then place it in the freezer for 10 days.

Wish on the Full Moon:

Stand outside and look up to the moon. You can stand barefooted on a grass land. Put your left hand on your heart, the right hand will be directed the palm towards the moon.

And say:

“Oh my dear Moon, you who are round in the sky, grant me ….” (repeat 3 times)

“Oh Moon, you who is round in the sky,

Bring Peace to the Earth and protect all life that lives in it. ( Recite for 3 times)”

During this process, meditate on your intentions. When you are done, remember to show gratitude to the Moon and have faith that your requests would be granted.

“Thank you, Madam Moon for answering my request”  

Vow to the Full Moon:

Take a large white sheet.  

Write down your wishes and remember to use affirmative sentences.

For example;  instead of “I do not want to be sick anymore”, say “I’m in good health”.  

Once all your wishes are listed, write “let thy will be done, with all my gratitude”  

Fold your sheet, place it in an envelope, write

“To the attention of the Universe”, behind write your name and surname, your address if you want and close the envelope.  

Take your mail between your fingers and put it on fire starting at an angle (this way over a sink will be more cautious).   Then believe that your wishes will be granted in the short, medium or long term.

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