How To Prepare Your Moon Water

How To Prepare Your Moon Water

Moon water is the water left outside at sunset so it can be charged by the moon. This can be done when the moon is in any of its phases but the most commonly used phase is the Full Moon because of how powerful and effective it can be.

The moon water is an important recipe that can add a boost to your new beginnings, new opportunities and new relationships spells. Do you plan to grow a new garden or a tree? Water your plant with New Moon Water and it would help the plants to flourish.

The power of the crescent moon water increases the potency of fertility spells, money spells, good luck spells and health spells. While the moon water is charged with lunar energies, it may also be charged with the energies of the zodiac sign at that time when the water is created. For this reason, this water can be used to enhance magical works related to that particular zodiac sign.

General Practical Uses of Moon Water

For a ritual bath.

Use it to clean and rinse hair and it will bring you peace.

After filtering, use it in consumable potions to improve psychic abilities, relaxation, protection or to work in trance states.

When you move to a new house, add a bottle or two of New Moon Water and use it for the house cleansing and blessing. Spray a few drops around the perimeter of your house or room.

To clean objects such as magical tools and crystals.

You can use it to charge amulets. Spray the amulet with lunar water and take it with you for protection, safe travel and to improve memory.

Add a few drops to the washing machine before washing the sheets to promote rest and good dreams.

How to Prepare a Moon Water

Get a container and pour water into it. We can also use a special water to give it an extra power. For example; rain, spring or sea water all have their own magical properties.  Keep the bowl of water outside of your home on a spot that allows the moonlight to reach it. Do not use opaque containers. You can leave the container outside throughout the night then remove it at dawn. Turn the water content into a bottle and store in a dark place.

To enhance the potency of your moon water, you can add magical herbs and stones to it. But if you intend drinking this portion then ensure that you only add herbs that are edible. Also, you must sieve it before drinking. You can also store it in a fridge if you intend to drink it. This is to make it retain its freshness when needed.

In the case of stones, you can load it indirectly without adding it to the water because some stones contain some minerals that are toxic to health while some other stones contain properties that can be easily damaged by water.

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