3 Effective Spells Cast with The Rose of Jericho


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The Rose of Jericho also known as the resurrection plant has the ability to boom into a beautiful green plant when submerged into water. When dry it has a brown color but when put in water it spirals from the inside out and turns into a beautiful green sacred geometry plant.

This plant is used in protection, love, money, and other spells. In this blog we shall look at some uses of the Rose of Jericho Plant.


1. How to Protect Your Home from Bad Energies Using Rose of Jericho:

This ritual of protection should be done on Mondays.



  • Anoint the candles with the mandrake oil.
  • Place each of the Rose of Jericho into a bowl of water.
  • Place each bowl at the corners of the house and form a triangle with it.
  • Light the candles for three minutes each day.
  • Repeat for nine days and on each day recite this:

“By the holy flame of Melchizedek,

By the divine flower that is reborn,

Mighty Saint Alexis,

Remove evil from my house.

By the three divine forces

Let evil disappear forever from my rooms. “

At the end of the ritual, gather the candles, flowers and dirty water remnants and throw them away. You can repeat this ritual of banishment whenever you suspect that your home has been invaded by negative entities.


  1. How to Attract Money Using Rose of Jericho


  • 1 porcelain cup
  • 5 Coins of any denomination golden in color
  • 1 x Rose of Jericho
  • Water


  • Place the Rose of Jericho in a cup and add water to it.
  • Then place 5 coins and recite the following prayer:

“Divine Rose of Jericho,

Oh Powerful Plant,

Help me to get money

So I can meet my basic needs,

Divine Rose of Jericho,

Let your magical power shine on me.”


This ritual can be repeated every day until your wish is fulfilled. Also, to get positive results you must carry out this ritual with faith then in a short time there shall be influx of silver into your home.


  1. Healing Spell Using Rose of Jericho:


  • 1 x Rose of Jericho
  • 5 small river stones
  • A wooden or mud container
  • Water


  • Place the Rose of Jericho into the wooden container.
  • Then add water to it and recite:

“Powerful and Divine Rose of Jericho,

For the blessing you received in the name of God,

For the virtue that you enclose,

And the power of your blessed mercy,

I plead that you heal…………………..(mention the sick person’s name)

Give him the strength to overcome each of the obstacles that arise in this disease.”


The Rose of Jericho is a very powerful plant which is used in different magical works. In some families, this plant is transferred from one generation to the other. When you soak this plant in water, ensure to change the water after some days.

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