How to Charge Your Magickal Tools

Did you purchase a shiny piece of magical talisman or amulet? Before using it, you may wish to charge it with the energy of the Sun to make it more effective. Charging magical tools with the power of the Moon is very common amongst witches, but have you ever considered charging with the Sun?

Most of the magical items (be it a pendant, amulet, talisman) purchased in shops are usually blank and ready to receive your intention. They also have unwanted energies attached to them. That is why you must cleanse and charge before using them. I consider charging and cleansing as two processes that go hand in hand.

Charging is a way of filling up an object with a certain type of energy. You can think of it as giving an object a purpose.The Sun is the center of the Universe and the limitless center of light. Its energy can be used to charge magical items that are intended to carry solar qualities. I found a simple spell that you can use to enchant your tools with the energy of the Sun.

Before working with this spell, ensure that the item you intend to enchant carries some solar association. Perhaps it has a circular shape, or it is golden in appearance, just like the sun. Also, this ritual should be performed at noon when the sun is scorching.

Items Needed

  • a pendant or talisman of your choice,
  • an empty transparent glass bowl,
  • a pint of orange juice,
  • a round incense-burning charcoal disk and sand in a dish or censor,
  • frankincense resin,
  • a small amount of olive oil,
  • prepared solar water.

How to Prepare Your Solar Water:

This spell calls for solar water and to create this, fill a jar with purified water, then add a citrine stone, and a shot of vodka or any other clear liquor. At around noontime, when the sun is at its peak, hold the jar to the sun and ask it to charge the water. You can place the jar outside or on a windowsill where it will receive direct sunlight. Visualize as the sun rays fill the jar. Allow the jar to sit for at least six days before using it.

Ritual Procedures:

  • Choose a quiet and secluded location.
  • Start by casting a circle, calling the quarters, or performing any form of protective exercise.
  • Clear your mind and focus on your breath.
  • Meditate on your intention for a few minutes.
  • Briefly dip the magickal item you wish to enchant into the solar water.
  • Light the charcoal and place the frankincense on it.
  • Pass the magical item through the billowing smoke before placing it in the bowl.
  • Pour the orange juice into the bowl until the piece is completely submerged.
  • Add olive oil and a splash of solar water to the bowl.
  • Cup your hands over the bowl and visualize the contents glowing like the sun.
  • Say “Sol”repeatedly until you feel that that the piece has been fully charged.
  • Bring out the magickal item and raise it up.
  • While facing the East direction, call out the Sun and say:

“I praise you, Shining Eastern Star! I draw into this circle your strength and vigor! Oh, he who rises and determines the growth of the land, stir in your splendor in the sky; rise in your conquering light. Shine and look down on me now! With your golden and bountiful light, fill this sacred ornament! I thank you and praise you. Blessed be!”

  • Visualize as the sun rays fill the piece and radiate a glowing light.
  • Hold the item in between your clapped hands and raise your hands above your head (this will be like a prayer position).
  • Bend slightly backward while looking at your hands and breathing through your nose.
  • Repeat that for six times while envisioning your hands radiating sunlight.
  • To end the ritual, bow to the East and offer the remaining frankincense to the Sun.
  • Close the ritual circle and store the piece properly.

Charging with the Power of the Elements

Items needed:

  • 1 white candle
  • 1 small bowl of salt
  • 1 glass of water (or your chalice)
  • 1 incense stick (pick any aroma that speaks to you)


  • Light the candle and incense.
  • Hold the magickal piece in your hand and stand facing North.
  • Hold it over the salt and say:

“Powers of the North

Guardians of the Earth

I consecrate this amulet

And charge it with your energies

I bless and declare that it shall serve …………(state your intention)

So mote it be.”


Turn to the East.

Hold the amulet over the incense smoke and say:

“Powers of the East

Guardians of the Air

I consecrate this amulet

And charge it with your energies

I bless and declare that it shall serve …………(state your intention)

So mote it be”


Turn to the South.

Hold the magickal piece over the candle flame – be careful not to burn it then say:

“Powers of the South

Guardians of the Fire

I consecrate this amulet

And charge it with your energies

I bless and declare that it shall serve …………(state your intention)

So mote it be.”

Finally, turn to the West, and hold your amulet over the glass of water.


Powers of the West

Guardians of the Water

I consecrate this amulet.

And charge it with your energies.

I bless and declare that it shall serve …………(state your intention)

So mote it be.”

When you are done, wear the amulet or carry it on you for the next five days.


After using your amulet for some time, you need to recharge it. A simple way to do that is to place it in direct sunlight for an hour for three days in succession. Alternatively, you can place it in the moonlight for an hour on a full moon. Do it for three nights in succession. Recharging should be done at least once every six months. There are still other methods that can be used so you can always do further research.


  • Planetary Spells & Rituals: Practicing Dark & Light Magick Aligned with the Cosmic Bodies © 2010 by Raven Digitalis.


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