The aura is made up of electromagnetic energy that keeps attracting different energy particles towards us. These energies come from our environment and the people around us.

For example; a hectic day can make you feel angry and exhausted and when your aura gets filled with negative energies, you will need a thorough cleansing in order to recover your inner peace.

As much as negative vibes are unwanted, excess of positive energy can also be harmful to the aura especially when it makes a person to constantly feel anxious. For this reason, maintaining an aura energy balance becomes a necessity.

At intervals, everyone is expected to undergo an aura cleansing and refreshing. There are different ways through which the aura can be cleansed. They include:

The Use of Sea Salt:
Swimming in the sea is a quick and effective remedy to cleanse the aura and protect it against psychic and energetic attacks. If you do not have the opportunity to be near the sea, get sea salt in the supermarket (pure and unrefined) and add it to your bath.

usic is a vibration, just like the aura and everything that exists. Musical vibration can be used to cleanse your aura, harmonize the etheric body and balance the chakras. Waking up or going to sleep with these melodies keeps the aura clean and balanced.

Reiki is an energetic therapy that helps to balance the chakras and therefore helps in the cleaning and protection of the aura. Find a Reiki practitioner who can help you once a week or whenever you need to clean and protect your aura. You can also enroll in a Reiki course so you can channel the energy yourself and apply it whenever you need it.

The Use of incenses:
he energy produced by incenses can envelop your entire aura, dusting off negative forces from the energy field. You can make different mixtures with the aromas; but it is important to do it with the doors or windows open, so that everything that is causing discomfort comes out and leaves through the openings.

Use lemon or lavender incense and while it burns, meditatively release yourself from the negative energies. Allow the incense to wrap around your body for few minutes.

The Use of Rue:
You can take a small twig of rue and pass it through your body for two minutes. You can pass it over your head, your stomach region, the solar plexus, etc. Do this while meditating on your intention and the rue will help to balance your aura immediately. After this procedure, throw it away or burn it since it has already given all the vital energy needed to balance your aura.

Stones and Crystals:
Certain stones have magical properties that help us to free ourselves from the negative energy charge we accumulate during the day. Depending on your zodiac sign, you can select the stones that would work perfectly for you. Pass a Quartz crystal through your body to transform negative energy into positive energy.

Practicing yoga:
Complete concentration through yoga allows the unblocking of stagnant energies, and produces calm emotions. The movements, postures and breaths that are made during yoga session help to clear your aura, and charge the electromagnetic field with positive energies that cleanse it.

Sun Rays:
Sitting outside and enjoying the rays of the sun is good for your aura. The energy from the sun rays will cleanse the stress and negativities contained in your aura.

You can sit by the beach side and meditate for a few minutes, breathing deeply while receiving the solar energy.

Tibetan bowls:
They are metallic containers that imitate the sounds of nature. They are made of 7 metals (gold, silver, mercury, tin, lead, iron and copper) and are used in Buddhism. Its sound can be high or low, depending on the way it is hit, although it will always be harmonic. They are highly recommended to restore peace and well-being to the body and mind.

Magical soaps:

They sell them mainly in markets and esoteric stores. Look for either lollipop, eucalyptus, coconut or citrus soap. Bathe with it until you begin to feel that you have freed yourself from the energy that was harming you.

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