The Meaning of The Aura Colors

All living things generate a magnetic energy field that can be perceived, felt and even seen around the physical body. This magnetic field is referred to as The Aura. As long as you have  oxygen flowing through your lungs then that means you have a functioning aura.

For example; we all have the ability to detect when someone has become a burden to us and we can also understand the different moods of someone. If a person walks by your side, very close to you, they can steal a part of your energy involuntarily. If suddenly, someone comes up and grabs your arm, they interrupt the flow of energy around your body.

The aura needs to be in a balanced state at all times.  Whenever you notice an imbalance in your aura then that’s a sign that you need some aura cleansing. You can check out our article on how to cleanse your aura.

Life is full of color and just like other things on your way, color also has a meaning and different vibrations that serve as a very useful tool to balance our personal vibration.

Each color transmits different emotions to us, it affects us on both psychological and physical level in a different way. In today’s article, we would like to discuss the different aura colors and the associated meanings.

Orange Aura

Associated Chakra:

Second chakra (Svadhisthana, navel or sexual chakra)


People with orange as their primary color are very active individuals; sociable, diplomatic, sincere, and honest. They have a large energy reserve that enables them to carry out numerous activities. In general, they are very balanced, although sometimes the excess of emotion can be a problem for them.

They tend to be adventurers who like excursions, sports and travel. Their great ability to solve problems gives them a lot of self-confidence. They are very adaptable too and can easily find a way to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult the situations might be.

Yellow Aura Colors:

Associated chakra: Third chakra (Manipura or solar plexus chakra)


This color appears in the auras of intelligent and optimistic people. Those who present a pale-yellow aura are generally spirited and at the same time cautious. The shades of darkened or fogged yellow are bad; they denote jealousy and suspicion.

Certain opaque shades of yellow that appear in the aura indicate the uselessness of some people, those who spend their leisure hours dreaming of unfruitful fantasies. These people are not optimistic but dreamy.

They recover quickly from failures and often face difficulties with renewed spirit and energy. They are balanced, very noble, generous and detached, since for them the highest values are not so much in material things but in the mental, social or spiritual sphere. They are good readers and feel the need to be informed about those issues that are important in their life.

Pink Aura

Associated chakra:

Fourth chakra (Anahata or heart chakra)


People with predominantly pink aura are very emotional. They tend to be sensitive to others, including animals and nature. They are usually kind, loving and caring. They like simplicity and enjoy the small pleasures of everyday life.

One of the points that could harm them is that they tend to need a lot of affection from those around them, and this sometimes leads to relationships with a high degree of dependency.

Their sensitivity makes them especially receptive towards different artistic manifestations. They may be attracted to literature, music or painting. Art can be an excellent way for them to channel their sensitivity constructively.

People of the pink aura type will show great and lasting devotion. The demure and self-sacrificing nun has a strong mix of pink and blue in her mystical aura. In general, they are very balanced people who have very positive feelings about themselves and others.

Green Aura Colors

Associated chakra:

Fourth chakra (Anahata or heart chakra)


Green is the color of growth. From the psychological point of view, it remembers spring. We can visualize the grass that is born from the dark soil, the small leaves that grow on the dry branches when the last days of winter fade away like in dreams and life is reborn.

The presence of green in the aura, with the exception of olive green and other dark shades, is a good sign. This color indicates, in general, individualism, regeneration, energy and foresight. It is the symbol of the ego. The green ray governs individual growth as, for example, the seed that grows.

People who have achieved prosperity and success in life invariably show strong shades of green in their auras. Green also governs the mental realm and indicates a multiplicity of ideas. A bright, clear green, appears in auras of people who are naturally spirited, versatile, considerate and adaptable. It represents the release of any subjection, independence and a new life.

Blue Aura Colors

Associated chakra:

Fifth chakra (Vishuddha or throat chakra)


Having a predominant blue aura around you can signal a variety of personality traits. Totally blue auras are very rare but can predominate in people with strong personalities. People with blue aura are the masters of communication in the world. They have the ability to convey their thoughts, ideas, opinions and concepts with great eloquence and charisma.

They are excellent writers, poets and politicians. People with blue aura are also very intelligent and intuitive. They have their hearts and minds in balance when they need to make important decisions. They are incredibly good organizers and can motivate and inspire others.

People with a predominant amount of blue in their aura are mediators and have the ability to calm tense situations. They reward honesty, direct communication and clarity in their relationships. The bad thing about the personality of people with blue aura is that they assume many responsibilities, they become addicted to work and neglect their personal relationships.

Indigo or Violet Aura Colors

Associated chakras:

Sixth chakra (Ajna or third eye chakra ) Seventh chakra (Sahasrara or crown chakra)


The indigo color is considered together with the violet aura because its characteristics are very similar.

These colors are relatively rare and are found in the auras of people with a deep spiritual and philosophical interest. Often, they are found, rather than as a basic color, as light flashes or clouds of the same that appear when the individual generates spiritual thoughts.

Their owners are people who walk through life in a kind of search. They tend to be great readers, especially of spiritual themes or personal growth. It is very possible that they are interested in disciplines such as yoga, Tai Chi or meditation.

Another of its characteristics is its great intelligence that is usually very intuitive. Among professionals we find this color in religious philosophers, esoteric professionals and theoreticians of different types. Another of its most outstanding aspects is that they show a great love towards all their peers. They are affectionate and good counselors.

Black and Dirty Aura :

The typical dirty colors in the aura are gray, black and sometimes brown. In addition, any other color can manifest as a dirty color when it is opaque or low in light.

Black aura Indicates hatred, negativity, a serious illness or depression, being stingy or miserable. This color is always a bad sign.

The aura of this color is very difficult to see. The color that is seen is not exactly black but a brownish color, with certain dark red spots. An individual with this aura is quite dangerous. He can be a murderer, a thief or a black magician. Many black magicians usually cover this aura with certain colors to deceive others.

A light brown indicates confusion or discouragement. The lack of self-confidence with regards to the issue that is being addressed. Dark brown indicates selfishness, tendency to criticize and deceive.

Red Aura Colors:

Associated chakra:

First chakra (Muladhara, base chakra or root)


People who have an aura where the red color predominates are fiery, full of strength and enthusiasm. They feel very attracted by adventures.

Among their qualities is a deep desire to succeed and achieve success in their lives. They are usually born leaders who will look for positions of responsibility where they can exercise all their strengths.

They are very independent, ambitious and competitive. They do not tolerate reproach or criticism easily. They love protecting their own space, both physical and emotional. 

Silver/ white Aura:

A veined silver aura indicates a constant, spirited, but unreliable character. It is found in those who are dedicated to all trades and professions without being experts in any. Weakness, inconsistency and changing moods are expected where the silver color predominates.

White is the perfect color, towards which we all tend. If we lived in complete harmony, all our chromatic vibrations would mix and we would have an aura of the purest white.

Gold Aura:

This beautiful color has a special glow when it appears in the aura. It is present in the guide energies and in the chakras. Its strength and glowing nature offer protection and purity, and its high vibrations clean and purify. The purifying properties of gold can be used in visualization to clean the chakras and the aura.

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