Biblical Psalms Used in Witchcraft

In Christian magic some of the psalms of the Bible are recited because they have the ability of granting what the people desire. I must admit that I have passed some of these specific psalms to customers during the practice of magic baths. It is normal that a magical religious practice has been developed through these psalms, besides many people use it just for the magical power of the words.

So, as my late master would say, “a wizard is a performer, using the tools of his knowledge to fulfill these demands. If you know it’s working and you’re not using it, you’re really stupid. ”

I use them for the power that they have already had for a very long time. Here are some psalms that can be added to the practices of baths, burning of incense candles, sending negative energy, etc.…..

Against bad luck:

Psalm 4 and Daniel 12: 3 are used when a person is often unlucky despite his good efforts. Tradition says it must be said three times and before sunrise.

Need for financial capital

Recite the Psalms 4 seven times in a row before sunrise.

To deal with issues of administrative and legal papers:

Recite psalm 5 at sunrise and sunset.

To break a spell of black magic

Recite Psalm 7: 1-10

Against oppression and persecution:

Psalm 11, Psalm 12.

Safe journey:

Recite Psalm 17 once in the morning and once in the evening.

Prosperity and money:

Recite Psalms 23 for seven times in succession for seven days at sunrise

Divinations and dreams:

Psalm 23

To purify oneself before a rite:

Psalm 26: 6

Storm protection:

Psalm 29: 3-4


Psalms 30: 11-12

To find  and understand love:

Psalm 45 or the Songs of Solomon

For House consecration:

Psalm 61

Against magic attacks and accidents:

Psalm 64

To succeed in business:

Psalm 114

Protection of the children:

Psalm 127

To acquire material goods:

Psalm 132: 12-18


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